The Pine Club Review

Wow - that's a hunk of meat! Actually it's 2 hunks of meat...

After my trip to NYC, my friend and I landed in the metropolis of Dayton, OH and were starving! He had heard about The Pine Club and had been wanting to try it. We were hungry and not in the mood for a chain so off we went.

Now - we called ahead and they request pants on boys...although once we got there we saw people in shorts. But we modified our wardrobe appropriately in the parking lot (we're a classy bunch!).

Walking into The Pine Club was like walking into 1976. The dark wood paneling, the huge bar, the dim lighting - it's definitely a throwback! The food is also a major throwback.

The choices at The Pine Club me see...meat, meat, meat, meat and oh yes - meat! Surprisingly I opted for meat...I know...SHOCKING!

Now I did buck the trend and opt for pork chops instead of steak. I just didn't feel like steak...I probably should have.

First though - we had a salad. I opted for the salad with the house vinegarette and my cohort opted for the "red & bleu" salad (french dressing with bleu cheese). We got our salads - all iceberg lettuce - mmmm (sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm). We each tasted ours and then tasted each others and then quickly decided to switch. That was odd actually because I hate bleu cheese - but we think that the sweet of the French dressing made the bleu better! Scott decided the vinegarette was more his we were very pleased with our swap.

Second - I'll address the side dishes. They are "famous" for their stewed tomatoes so I got those. They're odd. It's like stewed tomatoes in tomato soup. Meh - not something I'm a fan of. I paid a little extra for the hashbrowns to be ordered Lyonnaise (they add grilled onions in them). They were a little burned (left side of the photo) but it did add flavor.

Finally - the meat - Scott got steak and I got pork chops. Scott's steak was huge and cooked perfectly. I got pork chops - again with 1976 - cuz I think that's when they were cooked in 1976. They were just cooked well done so they were dry and chewy. But it did come with 2 large chops.

Overall - it is a very mixed review. I mean - Scott's view is coming from going to places like the Precinct on a regular basis. So compared to the Precinct he thought it was fabulous and cheap! I tend to go to Lonestar or Texas Roadhouse more often. So compared to that, I thought it was expensive and the food wasn't as good.

So you decide - if you regularly go to the Precinct - it's a 3.5 star! If you regularly go to TX Roadhouse - it's a 2.5 star and make sure the Precinct-er is paying the tab!!!!

The Pine Club
1926 Brown St.
Dayton, OH 45409
Tel: 937-228-5371


  1. Wow, The Pine Club - that's a real blast from my past. When I was a poor college student a guy asked me out on a date and tried to impress me by taking me to The Pine Club. Lovely place to take a vegetarian...NOT! (and yes, he knew.)

  2. OMG - How could he take you there????

    That's hilarious!

    I always have to keep the vegetarians in mind as one of my best friend's is. I'm trying to choose that option more when I'm going out as well.

    BTW - love your blog too.

    Have you been to Emanu yet?

  3. I've got Emanu on my list but haven't been there yet. Have you been?

  4. Not yet - I'm planning on going next week I think. Wanna go and do a double review???? If so - I'll email you!


  5. I came across this Pine Club post. I just DO NOT get why this place is "famous"!!!
    It is dark and depressing and seriously in need of a remodel. It looks OLD.. They don't take credit cards. They don't take reservtions. The food is passable. Period. The steaks famous? Hardly. I could get the same result on a frying pan on top of my stove.
    This has always been a complete and utter mystery to me.

  6. my friends love this place and i can't figure out why. they took me there once and i was not impressed. the service wasn't the best, the atmosphere totally sucks, and the food is fair. i can (and do) get food just as good at texas roadhouse. it is definitely not worth driving to dayton for.

  7. Seriously? A 2.5 for one of the best restaurants in the STATE, let alone the C-D metro?

    I've been going to the Pine Club semi-regularly for the last 15 years and have NEVER had a less than perfect steak. The stewed tomatoes and potatoes lyonnaise are always excellent, and with Ben and Jerry's next door, we've never been bothered by the lack of desserts.