Mt. Washington Creamy Whip Restaurant Review - Mt. Washington - Cincinnati OH

I love ice cream and right now - it's damn hot! So - I found a great ice cream place to go to! It's the Mt. Washington Creamy Whip! It takes about 15 minutes to get there - but there's just not much in the area of soft serve near Pleasant Ridge!

The Creamy Whip is really adorable with a few tables outside and a "diner" setting inside.

Here's the diner - I don't think they use this area much for serving but it is available for seating...very quaint!

I had one of these cupcakes and while they aren't the fancy $3 kind you find at some places - these $1 cupcakes tasted hella-good! I got a chocolate and it was moist and delicious!

Here's Larry with his vanilla cone covered in pink sugars. He's a bit embarrassed about having his picture taken with a giant pink ice cream cone!

And here's my "standard" order - chocolate dipped in cherry - DELISH!

And a close up of said giant pink cone...

Why Should You Go? Um - cuz it's awesome! It's a local business - the owner was there every night chatting it up with the regulars. It's delicious and they have yummy baked goods! Take the drive to Mt Washington and eat it up!


  1. That looks delicious! I will definitely have to try it...thanks for the review! I've driven past there countless times and have always wondered if it was any good!

    As a fellow Pleasant Ridger I generally go to Hold the Nuts in Silverton for a soft serve fix (Have you been?)! It's very good (ice cream wise and price wise...lots of options and great hours). My standard is a twist cone dipped in peanut butter (they're one of the few places that has peanut butter along with the standard chocolate and cherry...and they may even have butterscotch)...then I get it dipped in crunch coat (i.e. sprinkles and that crunchy stuff)! It's amazing!!

  2. omg! your pic of larry's pink-sugared cone looks so yummy!

    that's it. after all these years living here, i dragging my man and we're going saturday!

  3. The baked goods there really are excellent! Try the cinnamon bread sometime, they don't make it every day, in fact you might need to request it...but it is worth the drive! The place used to be a bakery and they use the same old recipe.

    And the ice cream, of course, is awesome!

  4. KennedyHeightsMamaAugust 13, 2010 at 12:23 PM

    you drove to Mt. Washington for soft serve when you could have gone to "Hold the Nuts"? They may not have baked goods... but for yummy icecream goodness & definitely on prince... they cannot be beat.