C = Chung Kiwha Korean BBQ

So my sister and her friends rigged the vote for the letter C - but it's all good. She's my baby sister and I love her so she can do no wrong! So off my friend Lou and I went to Chung Kiwha Korean BBQ in Florence.

You've probably driven by this place - the parking lot is usually empty but it was actually kinda busy this particular Friday evening! Actually - it's so NOT busy that many folks have joked it's a front for the mob! But no - they serve food!

Those are sushi roles we're guessing. Also they do not have a menu - it's about $30 for the buffet and sushi is an add-on. When you go in - they tend to assume you know the routine - if you don't - let the server know and she'll give you the lowdown.

They first bring you this random bowl of brown liquid. No clue what it is...it's not soy sauce. It's sweet-ish and not salty.
They bring you out a container of fired up charcoals and plop them into your table grill. 

The server sent us up to the buffet - there's a bit of a "salad" bar with lots of random cold items. Kimchee, sprout salad, seasoned okra and a few more things.

I tried all of them...wasn't too fond of any of them. I'm a texture person and these all funked me out to be honest.

They also have a plate of California Rolls as a sushi sampling. I tried a couple and they were good for a CR.

There are a lot of different proteins on the buffet. Chicken, pork and beef - some seasoned, some not... Yes - they're raw - you cook them on that table top grill.

Stop for soup if you like too - we didn't - not soup fans. 



Shell-on Shrimp

Grab a plate - pile the protein - grab some veggies (peppers, mushrooms) and head back to your table.

This is the funniest thing ever - I have no idea what happened to my pictures of the cooked food! All I have is this:
I remember it is the short rib and it was hands down our favorite of the beef/pork/chicken proteins. The seafoods were fine but no seasoning so basically it's just plain shrimp or scallops. So yes - ooh and aah over that one cooked piece of meat. Ha!

Quick shot of the sushi bar...
After telling her about the restaurant I asked my sister about the "authenticity" of the BBQ and she sent me a link to this article about Korean's BBQs

And now - these are for my sister and for fun. We were cracking up at the "decor".

Sumo wrestlers and a dainty saucy girl drinking some booze.

Seems a little stereotypical...as it greets you at the door. 

Then - random shots of a "cabin" in summer and winter! 

Sis - have you been to Habiro Hermitage in Mt. Myohyang? Well I have now...(yes - the page ripped from a calendar was that real!)

And hey - why not a quick shot of Times Square?!

Sea Kumgang...not touching that with your...um never mind.

Oh yes another saucy innocent - but she's a drinker!

And some random chubby kid on TV doing karaoke. 

Why Should You Go? Well - it's a once/year kinda place. At $30/person - it's expensive - especially when you're cooking your own food! But there were a lot of Korean's there - which I think is a good call to it's "authenticity". I felt like interviewing some to see why they come and how often. It is fun and would be great for a first date - good ice breaker to cook together.

As far as the alphabet goes - looking forward to Dusmesh and letter E! And thanks again to Cincinnati Bites for telling me about Chung Kiwha!

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  1. The chicks with the booze are advertisements for soju. It's just not a real Korean restaurant without Soju posters. Or soju. BLEGH.

  2. So, how does the sushi as part of the buffet work? you mentioned it was extra...but how much? You just buy it per roll, or pay extra and eat as much sushi as you want? I am going this weekend....

  3. I have no idea - guessing it's priced by the roll just like any place else. The server just told us it was extra and didn't ask if we wanted any.

    How was it?