$5 Pizza Buffet

The folks at Cici's Pizza contacted me recently to let me know about their everyday price of $4.99 for their salad, pasta and pizza buffet. I have to admit - $5 for a whole buffet of options sounds like a pretty good deal! So Larry and I went to check it out. Cici's did provide us 2 free buffet coupons. 
There are a few Cici's in Cincinnati although it looks like quite a few have closed. We went to the one in Norwood - but they also have locations in Eastgate, Florence, Fairfield and Union Township.

The salad bar isn't huge but it's okay - a few veggies and the standard dressing options. We weren't too hungry so we skipped the salad.

They also have breadsticks, pasta and soup. I tried the chicken noodle soup - it was fine - nothing special but not bad. The pasta looked pretty old (we were there between 12-1pm on a Saturday). The breadsticks were pretty good.

They keep the pizza buffet pretty stocked. Every few minutes they typically set out a new pizza. The ones on the right were interesting. They were almost like a pizza quesadilla with a cheesy sauce inside - pretty good!

This was a spinach alfredo pizza that had just been set out.

The other end has dessert options - brownies, rolls and dessert pizza. Larry tried the rolls and wasn't too excited about them.

There's also a game room for kids to play in. I love the basketball game - I'm shockingly good for completely unathletic female.

I wanted to try a wide variety of items so I sort of picked at different pieces to try lots of things. The quesadilla pizza was probably my favorite on this round. And the middle piece of the pizza slices was a veggie pizza - I liked that a lot as well.

Second time around I tried an alfredo cheesy pizza - of course that was good. The piece on the right is buffalo chicken - it was quite spicy.

Overall - they do put up a good variety of pizza options and there was typically 1-3 that were meat-free. The crust isn't very good. It's kind of doughy and not much flavor. I don't like the chicken topping - it's little cubes of chicken. I did think the veggie and cheesy pizza options were pretty good.

Why Should You Go? It's honestly not a super-fantastic pizza place - it doesn't rival Dewey's in any way. But - for $5 - it's fine. If you're looking for a quick lunch - it's just as good as any fast-food place and it's at least something different than burgers and fries! The games and stuff are good for some kid time as well - it's like a cheap Chuck E. Cheese! I saw a lot of families coming in and out - which totally makes sense. What kid doesn't like pizza.

Have you been? What do you guys think?

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  1. While I am in Cici's I feel like the ruler of a Kingdom of Pizza. The pizza isn't bad, you could do a lot worse...especially in Cincinnati.

    But after I leave Cici's, I feel like a disgusting sow who needs to lie down for a few hours.

    Now...why in the world did you go to a pizza buffet if you weren't that hungry? :)

  2. Well the coupons have been in my wallet for a month (maybe a sign of me not being too excited about going) and I really needed to get the blog written.

    I'm sure if I'd gone to Homers in Sharonville -the fried chicken of awesomeness would have made me hungrier and I would have eaten more.

  3. I didn't like it. The only thing good about it is that it's all you can eat. But, that's not really a good thing either. Once was enough for this guy.

    Have you been to Senate yet? I'd love to read your review about that place. Delish.

  4. Cici's used to be one of my family's favorite places to eat -- inexpensive but reasonable food. When the company eliminated most of the salad bar and the pastas with alfredo and red sauces on the side, the quality dropped below the price. If those return, Cici's will get our regular business again.