Road Trip: Greensburg, IN

Let's kick the week off with my First Anniversary Road Trip - we decided to have a little mini-vacation and spent the weekend in Greensburg, Indiana (exciting I know). As always - the drive is half the fun for us - so we took our time. 

One thing we spotted on the way was the Mt Airy Tanks - these are quite a sight to see - not your ordinary water tanks! Some very beautiful architecture on these.

After about an hour and a half we made it into Greensburg and they are known for one thing:

A tree growing out of the tower at the Courthouse. There's a whole story behind it - which I won't tell you here - but the link tells it all. It's a really cute little town - there's the older side around the town square and then a newer side that is more the strip malls and chain restaurants.

I'll be doing individual reviews this week of the stops on our anniversary trip - but here are some of the highlights:

Stories Restaurant was one of our first stops. We were hungry and looking around the square for someplace to eat and bumped into a nice couple from Indy. They asked us if we knew where the "tenderloin place" was. We didn't but we followed them instantly! This was it. Yum!

I think I snapped this shot on our way to the Pearl Street Pub in Oldenburg (15 min drive). Butterflies are so damn pretty! I got lucky with this one.

Then it was on to Nana's B&B in Greensburg. We were the only guests in this three-room b&b. The owners Joanne & Ed were wonderful! Since the room was so affordable (all 3 are less than $100/night) - we opted for the extra package that included flowers, champagne & chocolate covered strawberries.

The B&B is set on a 10 acre farm and this is the view we woke up to. Love. It.

Pretty proud of this shot too - I'm nowhere near my sister in terms of photography - but I do like to get some good pics. I might get this and the butterfly printed & framed.

Here's the house - I love that it's called Nana's - cuz it's like the grandma I wish I had! Mine was a bit cuckoo...

And of course we had a great breakfast the next morning - Joanne is a fantastic cook and Ed is a fantastic talker!

They even had kitties!!!! We couldn't pet them but they were fun to watch.

One of our last stops was Stapps Circle S Ranch between Greensburg & Batesville. It was really the main reason I chose Greensburg. It's like one of those safari parks where you can walk/drive thru and feed the animals.

This is Cinnamon the Capuchin Monkey - she plays an awesome game of catch with popcorn. She was Larry's favorite - he kept disappearing to play more catch with her.

He also wanted to tempt the llama. Our guide warned us she's a spitter - so Larry went over near her. I caught this great shot of him running away. Her ears went back and he heard her gurgling and he got the heck out of Dodge!

But the best time of the day was when we got to pet...


Yes - we both got to pet and play with Grayson, the baby tiger! They normally charge a little extra for this but he was technically too old to play with. But when he was out for his walk with the trainer - she induldged and let a group of us play with him. He is incredibly soft and so fun! Earlier when he was in his caged area he was meowing for someone to play with and you could tell he really enjoys it. As Larry started to walk away - he grabbed his pant leg and wanted more fun!

Every spring the ranch gets either a baby tiger or liger (yes - Napoleon Dynamite liger) and they keep it through the end of summer. They have certified tiger trainers (one is the youngest in the state) on hand to work with the baby and their adults.

The ranch was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. While most people might drive thru Greensburg and not even blink - we truly enjoyed exploring and getting to know this quaint little Indiana town and will definitely be back!

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