Let's Get Pinteresty with a No-Sew Dog Bed

I have been ADDICTED to Pinterest as of late - haven't we all! I've created a board full of DIY projects I'd like to try out and one of them was a No-Sew Dog Bed

Everybody and their grandmother back in Iowa made fleece tie blankets back in the day - I never got around to it - so this seemed like a good project to start with. This was fabric with pillows in the middle. I had originally gotten paint/stencils but then found a really cute dog print - so I just went without the paint.

The lady at Joann's Fabrics was EXTREMELY helpful and told me to pin the pieces together first and it would make it easier to handle. (Coupon codes here: http://verified.codes/JoAnn)

Then you cut 4" x 1" strips all around the edge - it is definitely important to get them at least 4" - otherwise they're nearly too short to tie. 

Then you tie tie tie! My fingers were tired! She also recommended (as did the tutorial) to do the fabric inside out with the ties and then flip it (leaving a hole to stuff the pillows) and tie the rest and tuck the knots in. I actually think I like the look with the ties out (shown above).

All in all - it took a couple hours to measure, cut strips, tie and stuff...not too bad.

And there we have it - a dog bed for our new puppy Wiener! I was pretty shocked when he actually laid on it! He took right to it - and I think it's pretty cool to see it in his room every day! I'd love to make one for the big dog - but he likes to eat pretty much every bed he has ever had...so I'm a little hesitant to make one!

I had over a week off around the holidays - so I'll be sharing a few more Pinterest projects with you soon!


  1. SO addicted to Pinterest too. Love this project! We have been thinking about getting a new bed for our dog, but this might work out better.

  2. Love the doggie bed, but love your new puppy even more! We have a dachshund, too!