Pinterest: T-Shirt Dog Toys

As you know - I love me some Pinterest and my DIY board has been busy lately! I have even found a few things I can make for my dogs...this was one of them - DIY Dog Toys

These are made from old t-shirts - which was perfect timing because I was planning on cleaning out Larry's t-shirt wardrobe anyway! After going through his shirts - I found a HUGE pile. 

Basically you cut the shirts into strips that are about 1-2" wide and the same length. My hands were definitely sore from cutting. I also basically got a rhythm down where I skipped the sleeves and collar area. I took a rectangle from the body front/back and cut these into straps and then just pitched the rest.

From there - I divided the strips into 6 piles (I had a lot of t-shirts) - then divided the piles into three piles. The blog post from Pinterest suggested twisting them together but I know my dogs - twisting would take about 30 seconds to destroy - so I braided.

After braiding - I then tied the pile of strips at each end into a knot as best I could. It wasn't always easy after braiding - the toy was pretty thick - so you have to leave enough to tie. The nice thing is - once you tied - you could pull on the ends and it pulled the whole braid and only made the whole thing tighter.

So there it is - a big ass pile of dog toys! 

I made some longer, some shorter, some thicker, some thinner - wanted to see how they would hold up. 

The dogs really enjoy anything they can fetch - so it was a night well-spent. I even gave a couple to friends. It was also fun to match the colors up - but I didn't pay too much attention to that part of it. 

Once the dogs start tugging on them - a lot of strings loosen up - so I was able to tie it into a circle and make it last a little longer.

All in all I liked this craft quite a bit - it would have been nice to have a buddy for this one - my hands were SORE!

I'd love to see some new things on Pinterest - feel free to share your username in the comments so I can check them out!

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