Product Review: La Terra Fina DIps & Spreads

Recently the folks at La Terra Fina sent me a couple of their dips to try - and seriously - who doesn't love dip!?! 

La Terra Fina was started by a chef in San Francisco. She took her most loved dips & quiches and created products for grocery stores. Locally you can find La Terra Fina at Meijer and Costco stores (in the Cincinnati area). 

They sent their artichoke & jalapeno - which I was a little nervous about - I'm not a big fan of spicy. This was good though - just enough of a kick to wake you up but not enough to keep you up. 

But the Chunky Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan was my favorite!!! These have eggs - so I got to eat the whole thing myself! (Sorry hubby) I didn't even notice that you can heat this up and/or use it in a recipe!

This dip was like perfection in a plastic tub - there visible chunks of cream cheese - bitable pieces of artichoke and a nice garlic zestiness! Loved it! This is now tied with Helluva Good's Buffalo Wing Dip for Heather's Favorite Dip on the Planet!

La Terra Fina also focuses on sustainability and recycle 83% of their materials and they source locally - good stuff! Besides dips - they also have quiches - that I might have to try!

* La Terra Fina sent me these dips to try for free. The opinions are my own. 

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