Fun & Spooky Halloween Pizzas for Kids

I'm very excited to get to partner with Parrano Cheese to share fun and spooky Halloween pizza with you! If you're visiting for the first time after seeing me on Fox 19 - thanks and welcome!

If you're looking for something fun to make for an upcoming Halloween party - I've got just the thing! We've got a Frightening Frankenstein and a Pumpkin (Pizza) Pie that are sure to bring compliments from kids and adults alike!

As you can see - these pizzas are really about the design and assembly but they taste good too!

For Frankenstein - there are a couple of different crust options that are rectangles - you can use the pizza crust in a can, naan, flatbread or make your own and shape. I decided to try the flatbread since it was pre-made and I have a pretty busy schedule.

After that, take on the role of Doctor Frankenstein and put together the spookiest, creepiest Frankenstein pizza your imagination can conjure up! I had on hand a paring knife and a plethora of vegetables: onions, black olives, orange, yellow and green peppers as well as pepperoni.

To get the green for the sauce - I combined alfredo with pesto and then sprinkled Parrano cheese on top. Then layered the toppings with onions & olives for eyes, pepperoni for hair, a pepperoni & green pepper mouth, green pepper ears and pepper & olives for scars.

Next up the Pumpkin (Pizza) Pie -

Then I decided to conjure up a Halloween pizza of my own - and the ridges from the peppers were the inspiration for the Pumpkin (Pizza) Pie! One of the tricks I learned while watching my calories is that tortilla shells make a great QUICK pizza crust - combine that with Turkey Pepperoni and this is almost healthy! And if you're using small tortillas - the kids each make their own individual pies.

I used orange pepper rings around the edges of the tortilla. Then I added the green pepper strips for the stem. I made the face out of pepperoni. This would be super-fun for kids - I can imagine how much fun they would have making their creations. And Moms - there are 2 huge bonuses to my Pumpkin (Pizza) Pie:

1. Kids will happily eat their veggies!
2. It's less messy than the insides of an ACTUAL pumpkin!

For this I just used regular sauce and covered up with cheddar (or colby) & Parrano cheese to stick with the orange of the pumpkin.

I hope you enjoy the spooky and fun pizzas - I'd love for you to share photos of pizzas you make!

I really like using Parrano cheese on these pizzas - it's similar to Parmigiana Reggiano with the nutty flavor but has a smoothness like Gouda. Just grating a bit of this on top is delicious - and break off a little piece while you're at it and try that too! Yum!

You can get Parrano cheese at Whole Foods - and today (10/25) they're having a 25% off sale on cut cheese - so if these recipes sound good and you want to try Parrano - stop by the Whole Foods in Mason.

Flatbread Frankenstein Pizza

1 flatbread
1/2 cup pesto
1/2 cup alfredo pasta sauce
1/4 cup Parrano cheese
Turkey Pepperoni
Green, Red, Orange Peppers
Onion (rings)
Black olives

1. Preheat oven to 375
2. Mix pesto & alfredo in a bowl and then spread on your flatbread
3. Top with cheeses - stay light on the cheese so we can still see the green of the sauce
4. Add pepperoni triangles for hair, colored pepper for nose, onion/olives for eyes, peppers for ears, pepperoni for mouth, green pepper for teeth, green pepper/olive for scars/bolts
5. Bake for 10 minutes until cheese starts to brown slightly

Pumpkin (Pizza) Pies 

Orange pepper rings
Pizza sauce
Cheddar or colby cheese
Parrano cheese
Black Olives

1. Preheat oven to 375
2. Lay tortillas on cookie sheet and cover lightly with pizza sauce
3. Top lightly with orange cheese and then sprinkle a little grated Parrano cheese for extra flavor (it makes your orange pumpkin speckled!)
4. Make fun face shapes with pepperoni and olives
5. Bake for 10 minutes until cheese starts to melt and brown slightly

Recipe inspiration here

Disclosure: Parrano Cheese provided the cheese for the segment. Whole Foods provided groceries for the rest of the recipe.

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