Bruegger's new Breakfast Items: Chimi-Cheddar Egg Sandwich

The folks at Bruegger's are so good to me - every time they have a new menu item - I hear about it and get to try it! 

As you can see - they always have bagels, bagels, bagels - which I actually got to help make on an earlier visit to this Columbia Parkway location. There's a sign up for their new sandwich - the Chimi Cheddar Sandwich which has egg, peppered bacon, green peppers, chimichurri sauce and cheddar. I was excited to try this one. 

 And hey - sometimes you get a bonus and can try a little nibble before you order!

 As we headed to the cash register these were sitting out tempting us - SERIOUSLY?! Fresh out of the oven cookies - who can resist that?!

And don't forget - Bruegger's has lots of coffee - my coworker tried the Pumpkin Spice for the holidays and raved about how delicious it was! (And she's a tough one to please)

Anne got the Skinny Zesty Egg White sandwich that had a skinny bagel (basically the middle is cut out), egg white, turkey sausage, sun dried tomato spread and swiss cheese. She liked it!

I tried the new Chimi-Cheddar of course and really liked it. The Chimichurri isn't spicy but adds a lot of flavor. I like the flavor to be in the toppings rather than the bagel. I like this one a lot but think my next one to try will be the Spinach & Cheddar Omelet sandwich (doesn't that sound awesome - it even has bacon!).

Matt got the Western which is egg, bacon, cheddar, chipotle mayo, green pepper, red pepper, tomatoes and onions - wow!! You have to admit - that looks delicious (and messy)!

And yes - those cookies spoke to me. I got an "Everything" - it's my favorite cookie on the planet - oatmeal, chocolate chip, peanut butter chip, coconut, nuts - like I said - EVERYTHING! It's so good! It hit the spot that afternoon.

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Disclosure: I was provided Bruegger's Gift Certificates to try these sandwiches but all opinions are my own.

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