Product Review: Tupperware FridgeSmart

A couple of weeks ago, Alicia Miller, a local Tupperware rep from NKY contacted me about trying a couple of her products and letting you guys know about them. Sounds like fun! 

I've actually never owned anything Tupperware - I have always just had the generic Walmart stuff or - even more embarrassing - empty lunchmeat containers! So I was glad to try something out. 

One of the products she let me try is the FridgeSmart container. This little chart on the side tells you what setting to slide the bar to on the lid - which allows the bowl to vent the right amount.

The one I'm holding is the "small" and retails for $18.

Here's the slide bar you adjust based on what you're putting in the FridgeSmart container system. It's easy to move and feels pretty sturdy - so it seems like it would hold up well.

Last week - I was working on this Halloween Pizza and had to use a lot of peppers for the decorations - so I went through about 6 peppers through all my practice runs at pizza. This left me a pile of leftover pepper slices - so I thought it was the perfect time to try out the FridgeSmart.

I just opened it up and 4 days later - the peppers are as crisp as they were when I put them in! I'm looking forward to using this in the coming weeks to see if it really makes a difference.

I'm running an experiment right now - I cut a pepper in half and put half in the container and half in a zipper sandwich bag. We'll see how it goes!

These FridgeSmart containers are on sale with Alicia through November 8. You can reach her at

Photo courtesy of Tupperware

I was looking through their catalog and found some cute stuff - there's a Hello Kitty Lunch Set and this Breakfast Maker - Alicia gave me one of these to try as well - I can wait to try this one out!

So if you've been wondering about Tupperware - reach out to Alicia - she was really nice and friendly!

Disclosure: Alicia provided me the two pieces of Tupperware but the opinions are all mine. 

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