Restaurant Review: Bob Evans Broasted Chicken

I love these guys - Bob Evans is so homey and comforting and yummy! That picturesque farm is great too - it just screams COME INSIDE! (And actually - you can visit the farm - it's in Ohio!)

They are most well known for their home cooking and their breakfast. Being so close to their headquarters, Cincinnati is lucky because they try things out on us - and right now - they're testing Broasted Chicken here! I decided to grab some girls and check it out...

 To start with you get a choice of bread - you can choose from biscuits, banana bread, blueberry bread or rolls - I chose the rolls. They're light and flaky - loved it! But now - the chicken?!

The broasted chicken dinner comes with two sides and I chose mashed potatoes and corn - because that's what goes with broasted chicken! The chicken is fresh - never frozen - and it shows. I love the broasting - it really locks in the juice without it being greasy. I was actually surprised at the LACK of grease. The chicken was "dry" (meaning - not greasy to the touch) and yet super juicy on the inside!

I really loved this broasted chicken and would definitely have it again. It's so much easier and less messy than trying to make it at home too!

 I also have to mention our server Barb. We went to the Newport location and Barb was a HOOT! She gave us conversation cards to chat about during lunch and never stopped cracking jokes. She was super friendly and I have to say - she deserves a bonus. For someone to be a long-time server and be that happy about it - impressive.

What's your favorite Bob Evans dish?

Why Should You Go? I love Bob Evans - the biscuits and gravy - the sausage (of course) - and so much more. It's family, down-home, comfort food and their new broasted chicken fits right in.

Disclosure: Bob Evans provided me a gift certificate to try the Broasted Chicken but all opinions are my own. 

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