Restaurant Review: Penn Station's NEW BLT!

We have the discussions at lunch of "What is the best sub place?" - some people like cold, some like hot, some like toasted, oh Lord we go 'round and 'round! I just never understand because in my mind - there's only one - Penn Station

It's funny because when I moved here 10 years ago - I had no idea what it was!?! Now - it's a staple in my life!

We often visit the Colerain location because of it's location and they have a great staff - including this character! The rest of the staff disowned him ;-)

While he was posing - we were getting ready to enjoy the NEW sandwich from Penn Station!!! What is it? Well - do you see some bacon on that soon-to-be-toasted melty sub? That should give you a hint!

It's a brand-new BLT sub from Penn Station! That's right - now you can get your favorite BLT at Penn Station. The bacon is THICK and meaty! I was honestly not expecting it - after one bite I was like WHOA - THAT'S SOME GOOD BACON! I got cheese on mine as well along with some tasty delicious Penn Station fries.

Penn Station also has really great cookies that they bake in-house every day. They're hard to resist and always at the checkout - of course. :-)

But today was all about the BLT and it was really great. I'm a pretty loyal Philly Cheese girl but I have to say - this one might have won me over. And I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at this one - it's available at all Penn Station's starting TODAY! Enjoy! 

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Disclosure: Penn Station provided this meal to me but all opinions are my own. 

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