Restaurant Review: Cobblestone Cafe - Ft Thomas, KY

There's usually a group of 3-4 girls that go out to lunch every day - and you know - we get into habits - but it's nice when someone brings up something new (besides me) and we get to branch out! 

Amy mentioned that there was a cute deli that she goes to in Fort Thomas and that we should all try it - sure! Let's roll hussies! Off to Cobblestone Cafe we went - it's in a very cute little shopping area with a ton of little businesses and shops. Cobblestone's hours are a bit odd - so be sure to check their site before you go.

The menu is huge! It was almost overwhelming to try and choose something - it might be easier to study it a bit first - you can see it here. We all chose different menu items - so it was fun to see all the choices.

We ran the gambit with orders - Dawn went for a Turkey Bacon Ranch wrap ($7.79) and I have to say - it looks pretty tasty! She finished it off - so I'm guessing she liked it!

Susie tried the Buffalo Chicken Wrap ($7.29) which also looked really good! That was my second choice but I'm super picky with chicken salad and I heard someone say how spicy it was so I had to rethink it. Susie didn't mention it being too spicy but consider yourself warned.

I went for the Twisted Ham & Cheese ($7.29) with a cup of chicken noodle soup. I didn't really care for this sandwich - the pretzel bun was far too much bread and bun - and didn't really taste like a pretzel. The ham & cheese was fine - but it was more like a loaf of bread than a pretzel bun. The soup was fine but nothing special.

Amy swears by their Apple Waldorf Salad wrap with chicken added ($7.58) - she said it's her favorite thing and she gets it once a week at least! She was pleased as punch with this as she usually is. They have quite a few side dishes as well:

Pasta Salad
Apple Waldorf
Cottage Cheese
Cole Slaw
Macaroni Salad
Redskin Sweet Potato Salad
Seasonal Fruit Cup

I also saw this on the way out and HAD to try it - because of you - I mean - it's for research - right?! I love brownies that have that crispy top - but this has a surprise on the bottom - an oreo cookie! Actually I kind of liked the brownie and peanut butter on it's own. The brownie is so soft that the hard cookie at the bottom was a bit hard to bite through - but it's decadent for sure! 

Why Should You Go? Well - I thought it was a mixed bag of goods. It's an adorable place but I didn't love my selection. That said - I'd love to give it another try and study the menu a little more before I make my next selection!

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