Day Drive & Restaurant Review: Rankin House in Ripley OH & Dairy Yum Yum

Hubby and I were on a weekend drive and ventured out to Ripley, OH - one of our favorite spots. We decided to drive up to the Rankin House to show his mom since she'd never been. 

The Rankin House was one of many homes on the Underground Railroad and it's a top a beautiful hill on the Ohio River. They offer tours for just a few bucks per person and we had never been on it. Luckily we got there just as the last tour was starting so we FINALLY got to go inside!

Before going inside - we were in the back yard and it's just beautiful. And then you look at the river and think - people swam across this to freedom! Now - the river was much narrower then - but still - wow.

There's been a major restoration to bring the home back to it's original state. While on the tour you hear the story of the Rankin family - which is really amazing. I never realized that when people came here - they were just there for 1-2 nights and then they were on the move to the next place. The Rankin Family helped along the way.

Here's a spot in the bedroom where they have the original wall showing through to show how they restored it to a similar state. It's really a great job.

The stories are amazing - I won't even begin to try and remember and re-tell them - but I will confidently say - if you haven't been - it's worth the drive. It's about an hour from downtown Cinci but it's a gorgeous drive and you'll learn a few things at the Rankin House. Perfect for any lazy Sunday afternoon!

After all that learning - we were hungry! So back on the road we went to Aberdeen, OH and there we came across the Dairy Yum Yum. If it has Yum Yum in the title it has to be good - right?

This is a classic ice cream stand & diner - there was a few old people there and lots and lots of wood paneling. 

Larry went for cheese coneys - he said they were fine - not Gold Star - but he ate them. The service was a bit slow...but then once I got my food - none of it mattered.

I saw a Breaded Pork Tenderloin on the menu and jumped at the chance to try it. I'm always looking for a good one. There has to be a crazy meat to bun ratio and it has to be THIN! And thankfully - Yum Yum delivered BIG TIME!

This breaded pork tenderloin was perfection! It was so thin and crispy with a nice pork loin bite. There's nothing fancy here - lettuce, tomato, pickle, mayo and goodness. This was a flood of memories of home flowing back to me - so delicious. I was sure it was homemade but I was wrong - so if it does come frozen in some box - good for whomever makes that box of yum.
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After we took the ferry across the river to Kentucky and drove home on Kentucky 8. It's a great drive - although the Ohio side is prettier - but we always like to go back a different way than what we came.

Why Should You Go? Cuz that tenderloin was amazing. Boom.

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