Restaurant Review: The Capital Grille

I'm a sucker for a big delicious burger - so it doesn't take anybody to offer one up twice and I'm accepting! The folks at The Capital Grille invited me to check out a new burger on their menu so I was on my way!  

Capital Grille is located across from Rookwood in Norwood. They're well known for their steaks but it's also a great place for lunch.

Here's a glimpse of their lunch menu - which changes seasonally. It's a bit pricey for lunch - but it's very good - so for me it's what I call "Fancy Lunch Day"!

They started us off with a fried short rib topped with creme fraiche and caramelized onion for an amuse bouche. If you're not familiar with the term - it's a single, bite-sized hors d'oeuvre. This was tasty - of course - if it's short rib - I like it.

We sat near the bar in the indoor patio - it was pretty nice to have the shutters open. It really provides a nice view and an airy feel to your lunch.  

The newest burger was the Gorgonzola & Black Truffle Wagyu Burger ($18) and was served with truffle fries.  Now I have shared my disdain for truffle oil - and this was no different - at least when it came to the fries. I just don't like it - it's too strong and pungent. I'm also not the biggest fan of blue cheese and our knowledgeable server said this a burger for FANS of blue cheese.

Knowing that - I was a little worried - as was my friend. We decided to share the two burgers since neither of us could decide which one we really wanted. So we cut them in half and went for it! Luckily - we liked them! The burgers at Capital Grille are HUGE and really juicy. We both enjoyed the Gorgonzola burger...until...

we tried the Mushroom burger.  This is the Wild Mushroom Wagyu Burger with a 15-year aged Balsamic ($18). And yes - as much as I dislike truffle oil - is how much I LOVE balsamic vinegar.

And when I said it was a big burger - I meant it. I mean - look at that thing. And the PERFECT medium rare - loaded with mushrooms and juicy with balsamic vinegar. Oh my I was in serious heaven. This is the burger to get - heaven on a plate.

Seriously - just go right now.

Then for dessert - they brought us out these tiny little Chocolate Pot de Cremes. It was perfect.

After a huge burger - you just need a few tiny bites of sweet and this hit the spot perfectly. Creamy and delicious.

Why Should You Go? It's a pricey burger for lunch - but that 15 year balsamic can't be beat. (FYI - they also have a delmonico steak with the same stuff - drooling!) Also - don't wear a white shirt to eat this burger - it's deliciously messy that way.

I also must mention the sweet tea & our server. I asked for sweet tea - they have unsweet but he said he'd make me a sweet tea. He asked if I like it like McDonalds (he read me like a book). He then mixed up a simple sugar and a pitcher of the most PERFECT sweet tea ever. So if you like sweet tea - ask them to make you some. Yum!

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