Recipe: Fun & Simple Fruit Salad

I have tried a couple different produce delivery services and sometimes my eyes fingers on the keyboard are bigger than my stomach. I am always struggling to order the right amount based on what we'll actually use. I ended up with quite a bit of fruit - so I made up a fruit salad. 

I came across a few things on the interwebs suggesting to add vanilla pudding mix (just the powder) so I thought this was a great time to try it.  

I diced up a pineapple and a mini-watermelon - then tossed together tiny red raspberries and blueberries. If I were to do this again - I would keep the raspberries out until the end - they break up pretty easily. I also found some grapes that were nearing their end - so I threw them in too.

So you just toss the fruit together and then add in half a packet of vanilla pudding mix. I really liked the addition of the pudding mix - it dampers the tartness of the pineapple.

Super simple and a great way to turn plain old fruit into something special! Enjoy!

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