Restaurant Review: Blue Ash Chili - Springdale

No - your eyes are not deceiving you - I just took a crappy fuzzy pic. I was hungry - that's my only excuse. 

So there we were - finally trying the Blue Ash Chili by Tri-County Mall - we've been to the other two locations (Mason & Blue Ash) - but not to the one near the mall. We met up after work one night to check it out.

Blue Ash Chili was on Diners, Drive Ins & Dives and one of the items featured were their Jalapeno Caps ($4.99) so I decided to order some. The order was HUGE! There were enough for 4 people! Unfortunately for me - they were way too spicy and I barely put a dent in the pile. The server even mention that this batch was much spicier than normal - so apparently it's a bit of a crap shoot depending on how well they cleaned out the peppers.

Larry got 2 cheese coneys ($1.89) - I think I snagged a bite after he was finished. Good stuff here. (I still love me some Gold Star.)

I didn't have to even think for 2 minutes about my order - I saw Nick's Special ($7.69) and jumped on it. Chicken salad, bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo and American cheese on grilled rye. Yum and yum! 

It was a huge mess but it was a deliciously indulgent mess. The chicken salad was perfect - super simple - chicken, celery, mayo - and the bacon was done perfectly - crispy and fatty at the same time - then topped with cheese, ripe tomato and crisp lettuce. I loved every bite.

Why Should You Go? Well - a friend of mine just texted me yesterday asking for a lunch spot near Tri County - I told her Blue Ash Chili. She texted back and said they loved it and that Blake (husband) has a new favorite place! THAT is a ringing endorsement!

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