Restaurant Review: Herb & Thelma's, Covington

Cincinnati Magazine recently came out with their list of the 45 Best Burgers in Cincinnati and I reprinted the list along with my experiences and blog posts of the burgers. 

Coming in at #18 on the list is Herb & Thelmas Tavern in Covington. It's on Pike across the interstate from the old Jillian's. It looks a bit sketch - it's got really goofy food paintings on the front that don't look like real food. In fact - the windows are boarded over so I've driven by it a million times and didn't really know if it was actually still open. But when I saw it on the list - I knew we had to go!

So I grabbed the coworkers and they were so excited! Jak happily obliged me with the obligatory mouth open picture. It's who I am - I just can't help it.

Their menu is extensive - I mean - it takes up this whole page! The #18 burger on the list is the Double-Cheeseburger so that's what I had to try. I was intrigued by the Italian Sausage but the bartender/server/cook said I had to do the burger first.

For a small bar - and when I say small - I mean itty bitty tiny - they have a good drink selection - and include the locals like Rhinegeist. 

They also have a great selection of Cincinnati Beer History - bottles, steins and more adorn the shelves and cabinets around the bar.

Along with this Indian standing guard int he corner...and yes - I knew you could see me. So sneaky.

I loved the can of Coke I got - I am an adventurer - I'm always dragging the work crew to some new place they've never been. Poor things.

So here's my Double-Cheeseburger ($6) - and let me tell you - that is Land 'o Lakes cheese - so we're off on the right foot. There are no frills here if you hadn't guessed it. There are literally maybe 8 tables in the whole place. You go up to the bar to order and get your food and pay your bill.

It was a good burger - very homemade in flavor and texture. It was really busy too for such a tiny place and I was so surprised that there was nobody smoking inside. I know it's the law - but it's not always held up in NKY.

And when I said it was small - I wasn't kidding. This is the kitchen. It's literally a grill in the corner behind the bar.

Why Should You Go? Well - this place has AdventureMom written all over it - cheap, great burgers in NKY! I liked the burger and $6 is pretty good for a homemade burger. (They must have raised their price since the article came out - it noted $5.50.) I'd like to go back and try that sausage sandwich as well and since it's so close to downtown - I'll likely be stopping by! The Double Cheeseburger is good - but if you're not really hungry - stick with the single - it's a decent size on its own.

Herb & Thelma's Tavern Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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