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My Best Burgers of Cincinnati quest continues and this time we went to Incline Public House

Incline Public House is where you come for the view and stay for the food. Their food is awesome - I really love it as displayed here. I know it's good - the hard thing for me would be ordering the burger - not that I didn't trust it to be good - it's just that I love their pizza!!! Could I do it?????

 I decided to start with the Smoked Red Chicken Chili ($5) - it's a steep price for a cup of chili but it was really good. I haven't typically had a red chicken chili. It was extremely rich and had a developed flavor. It also had a kick to it. I love the cheese and crunchy tortillas on top.

Susie went for the Braised Short Rib Grilled Cheese ($13) on my reco - I was really drooling - I mean look at it - aren't you drooling by now? Susie loved it - but duh - who wouldn't?!

Dawn chose the Avocado & Tomato Grilled Cheese ($9) - this had Pepper Jack cheese so I knew she would choose it - she's a sucker for cheese with a kick. She liked hers as well.

I - of course - had to get the House Burger ($10) with cheddar, greens, tomato, bacon and crispy onions - all of their sandwiches also come with fries (good for the price considering other places we've visited).

It's a good burger - it's not overly thick and for the most part you can smush it all down. I liked it but I would still have much rather had the pizza or anything of theirs with short rib (Hey IPC - can you make a short rib and 'shroom pizza? You could call it the Hussy! I'm just sayin.) 

 And - as is now the "in" thing to do the burger was too big for my mouth. I tried to smush as much possible and was able to make it work.

Susie also turned me onto the House Side Pickles that you can order for A DOLLAR!!!!!! Okay - so this was worth the price of admission. These were awesome - I helped her devour them and even took the dare to eat the pickled garlic. It wasn't as strong as a roasted garlic on a Dewey's Pizza but it had some bite to it. And again - THEY ARE A DOLLAR. This is ridiculous and amazing! There should be a whole article on the pickles - but at least here - they're getting a paragraph.

Why Should You Go? I love IPC - it's so delicious. The burger was a good burger - I'd love to have some amazing sauce on it - or maybe some of those short ribs?! But most likely - I'll have pizza again :-) and continue to enjoy the best view in the city.

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