Restaurant Review: Bob Evans Broasted Chicken Tenders: Crispy & Juicy!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bob Evans but all opinions are my own. #sponsored

Larry was working late so I headed over to grab something for myself and then something to-go for him. We've got a few Bob Evans real close by - so it's easy to grab on my way home.

 I had tried their Broasted Chicken on my last visit - but this time I found something new on the menu - Broasted Chicken Tenders! Yum! Their bone-in broasted chicken is so good - this should be too! For just $7.99 - it came with 2 sides & bread! Nice!

They've now added the broasted tenders to their salads as well - this Wild Fire sauce is new and I was REALLY tempted to try it! This kind of salad (southwest-ish) is always my favorite. Tortilla strips = yum!

You can choose between biscuits, rolls or specialty bread. I went for the rolls - I love the soft yeast rolls - Larry kinda got me hooked on them. These were warm and the butter was soft - so they were perfect! I was sitting at the counter area - so I got to see a little sneak peek into the kitchen - and you can get them to mix & match - if you're nice!

Bob Evans also has some fun Thanksgiving options - first - they're open! Larry and I never manage to do much for Thanksgiving - so it's nice to have someplace GOOD open in case we get lazy! Or if you've got family coming over but don't want to cook - you can order it to go! They have a lot of family options just for Turkey Day!

Very quickly - I got my broasted tender meal - I ordered Farmhouse Fries and broccoli with it. The broccoli was really good! I had leftover butter from the rolls and scarfed it down before I even touched my chicken!

But then...
I dove in! The tenders are pressure marinated and hand-breaded at Bob Evans every morning. I'm not sure what I liked more - the chicken - OR THE HONEY MUSTARD! I'm a sucker for GOOD honey mustard and this is it! Literally that's a reason for me to go to a restaurant - good ranch and good honey mustard. I tried both and the honey mustard killed it! So delicious!!!!

Now - besides the Honey Mustard - they also have new sauces like Wildfire BBQ, Buffalo and Zesty Citrus Honey! I want to try all of them!!!!!

The tenders are so juicy too - I mean - there is no dried up chicken here - crispy on the outside and super juicy on the inside! Yum!

The Farmhouse Fries were great too - super crispy. I was dunking them left and right!

I sat at the counter and was totally obsessed. I love restaurant shows - so I just sat and STARED at how the staff worked. They really had it down. Everybody had each other's back and they worked like a well-oiled machine. 

Then I took home their 6 oz sirloin for Larry with a side of mashed potatoes & carrots. This was so good! I mean - he said it was good. He was surprised at how good the steak was for such an affordable steak. And then...well...maybe it's not just Larry's word...

I might have swiped a couple of carrots and dipped them in mashed potatoes!! I can't help it - they looked good!

I definitely love Bob Evans new Broasted Chicken Tenders and all the other home cooked options they have. It's great to have home-cooking just around the corner! And be sure to sign up for the email list - they send out offers and specials all the time! 

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