Restaurant Review + Giveaway: Fazoli's SECRET MENU item!

I love Fazoli's - it's an Italian fast-casual restaurant that I first encountered back home in Iowa. Muscatine isn't really plentiful for restaurants - so when I would go visit my Mom - we didn't have many options - but we found Fazoli's and loved it!

Their breadsticks are so good!!!! They're soft and buttery and practically melt in your mouth - plus - they're UNLIMITED! How can you go wrong? 

Their menu has changed throughout the years but there's a few things that never change - lots of pasta and it's super-affordable! In addition to pasta they have sandwiches, pizza and...

Some deliciously fun drinks!!!

Larry sees any sort of blue drink and he has to order it - so I knew this was going to be tried! 

I was here to try the SECRET MENU item! It's ONLY available until November 15 - so get on it and be sure to try it. It has something to do with what you see here - but you'll have to scroll down to find out the whole secret! For the Cincinnati folks - the only Fazoli's is in Florence, KY - for the rest of the world - check here to find the closest one to you!

So yes - first we had to get the Blue Italian Lemon Ice - and Larry was killing this and then made the mistake of offering me a drink. Consider it GONE. I mean - I drained that cup - it was so delicious! It's super refreshing and not so sweet like an Icee. I think we might go back tomorrow cuz I want another one!

Larry got pepperoni pizza - which honestly - didn't look that great. He liked it and scarfed it down - it seems very similar to Little Caesars. I just don't think the pizza is what they're known for but who am I to argue with him - if he wants it - he gets it.

Oh the breadsticks...Seriously. They give you this little wrapped up bundle of them - but you can just get more, more MORE! They just MELT in your mouth!

Here it is - THE secret menu item: Pizza Baked Spaghetti!!!! It's only available through November 15 - and it's so worth the trip! They take their normal Baked Spaghetti - which is spaghetti, red sauce and LOTS OF CHEESE - and then they top it with Pepperoni before they bake it. What does that do?

Uh - makes it even better!!!

Seriously - look at all that cheese! I was in heaven with this - this is the amount of cheese that makes a hussy happy. I will definitely be back to get this before it disappears for good!

Why Should You Go? Go for the breadsticks, stay for the Lemon Ice, return for the rest!

And just to make sure you can try it - I finagled a gift card for one of you too! Enter below and you'll be noshing on those breadsticks right along with me!

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  1. Attentive staff. Plentiful and tasty food. Great house drinks and affordable prices. I love this place. Always a treat to visit time after time.