Food Hussy Recipe: La-Sky Pizza Chili Sandwich!

Ok - JLaw - we see your bet and we raise you a SkyRosa!

See Jen did this interview saying her favorite food invention is a Pizza Chili Sandwich - two slices of pizza with Southern chili & noodles in between. Well - you say chili + noodles to a Cincinnatian and it means only one thing: SKYLINE

So my wonderful friends at Local 12 decided we all needed to try this delicacy. Then my good friends at LaRosas kicked it up a notch by telling me about the SkyRosa - which is served at Reds games. It's LaRosas pepperoni pizza with a cheese coney on top. BOOM! Take that JLaw! 

Today we got together and tried them both. And the verdict is: 


These are super easy to make and really great football food - so give it a shot this weekend. 


1 slice LaRosa's pepperoni pizza
1 Skyline Cheese Coney

Put coney on pizza. Fold pizza around coney. Git it in yo' belly.

La-Sky (that's my name for it) 

2 slices LaRosa's cheese pizza
Skyline 3-way

Put 1 slice pizza on plate. Top with 3 way. Put second slice toppings down onto the chili. Git it in yo' belly. 

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