Restaurant Review: Nela Tea Room, Bread & Pastry Cafe - Milford

So - yes I've moved to the Milford area - if you hadn't been able to tell by the abundance of Milford posts! I love my new neighborhood and it's really convenient for the hubby since he works there. 

He doesn't get much time for lunch so he usually packs but sometimes I'll go visit and try and grab a bite quick with him. We've seen the Nela Tea Room / Bread & Pastry Cafe and decided to check it out...

Once you're inside - you'll notice the abundance of pastries! They have so many - some are Mediterranean inspired while others are very standard. I was definitely trying something!

Nela is a tea room - while they don't have a full website so I can't give you many details - they do have some pics on their Facebook page. Oh and they have more pastries...

And more pastries - like a Meat Pie! 

I had a great chat with one of the owners. He and his wife opened this and she creates the treasures they serve while he comes down to hang out on the weekends. They also have a small boutique offering in the front with some clothes and jewelry. 

Nela - as you might guess by the name - makes a lot of fresh breads. We decided to try our lunches before buying a bunch of pastries and breads but they did look good.

Here's a quick shot of their menu since it's not online. There's a heavy Greek influence in addition to smoothies, coffee and their tea room experience.

Larry just wanted a simple turkey sandwich - no mayo. The bread was their fresh made bread. Larry loved this sandwich and for the bargain price of $3.60 - you can't pass it up! We also got a couple of breadsticks (75 cents each) - so hubby had lots of fresh bread to try. :-)

I went for the large Greek Salad ($4.40) which had tomato, olive, cucumber, Greek dressing and a small dolma (stuffed collard green/grape leaf). The menu says feta but there wasn't any on my salad. It was an okay salad but I think it would have benefited from more toppings - including the feta. I would also like the option of adding grilled chicken to it. I'm not big on a sandwich - so the with the lunch menu being so small - having a salad with protein would be good. The dolma was pretty good but it might have been good a little warm.

Oh the best part was the bread! They gave me a few slices of the warm toasted bread like Larry had his sandwich made out of. It was really good - I'd love that with a little butter! I'm a sucker for toast really - simple but true.

I had to try something from the pastry cases and Larry wanted to try the Tiramisu. We asked if it had eggs and they said no - which surprised me - but we went with it. So after a couple of bites - I told Larry to stop eating it. He had a couple more bites - and then stopped. I happily finished it - and it was absolutely delicious. Not a lot of coffee flavor but a little bit and seriously - it's delicious! I wish I had some a pan of it.

That said - I had to make a drug store run and get him allergy medication. I knew there had to be eggs in it.

Why Should You Go? Although our experience wasn't perfect - there are definitely highlights worth revisiting. Larry likes the sandwiches so he'll definitely be back. He also likes stuffed cabbage so I think he'll try that. The bread was delicious for sure. I also will be back for the pastries! So delicious! And if you're in the market for a tea party - check them out!

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