Craft Day DIY: Springarific Fabric Mason Jars

I love craft day with my girls and with spring here (fingers crossed) - we wanted to do something bright and springy! I came across these Spring Mason Jars and decided it was perfect for us. 

Here's a taste of the finished product with some Dollar Tree (where everything is actually $1!) fake flowers. Doesn't it look adorable?!

The list of supplies is super easy:

* Mason Jars ($1)
* Fat Quarters ($12 for a huge bunch)
* Mod Podge
* Scissors
* Paper Plates
* Foam Paint Brush
* Skinny Paint Brush (not foam)

I found the fat quarters at a local quilt store - after looking all over for small flowers - I went to settle with something I didn't love and there on the counter waiting for me was a batch of the flower-printed fat quarters! I have a lot of fabric left over - we got at least 2 jars out of 1 fat quarter - so if you have fabric laying around - you're good there.

I had a jar of Mod Podge that I thought was jacked because it was so thick so I asked for something to stir it with. Since we were sitting on the deck - she grabbed a stick for me. A stick.

First you line up the jar with your fabric. You want the fabric to be just a little taller than the jar...Cut one straight cut all the way across your fabric.

Then cut your fabric into 1" strips - we found that was the best width - wider was too much to handle in the next step and narrower was just annoying. I would recommend if you're doing more than one jar - cut your strips all at once because the Mod Podge gets MESSY. You probably need 15-20 for a pint jar.

First you pour some of the Mod Podge on a paper plate. Then lay the strip in the glue and use a 1" foam brush to coat the strip on both sides. Try and keep track of which side is the front vs back because once they're coated in glue it's harder to tell. 

Take the strip once you've coated it in and place it in the jar - you want to have one end of the strip in the middle of the bottom of your jar. We found it easiest to use a regular skinny paint brush for this step. Once the strip is touching the bottom - use the brush to stick the strip to the jar and brush out any air bubbles.

And there you have it! Then you do it all over again! 

Until your jar is completely done! It's super cute - 

Your hands will get messy! The glue is sticky and it gets gloppy as you're working with it - so just embrace the mess - at least until you're done. :-)

We each did three jars and they turned out fantastic - we all thought this might have been our most successful and useful craft day ever! Let them dry at least overnight and then trim the tops.

The fabric I found was literally perfect for what I wanted! I really want to do more of them - they're so cute! So now - what to do with them?

I stopped at Dollar Tree and got fake flowers in complementary colors - and then took them outside to see how pretty they looked!

Even Boo Bear got in on the action!

After our photo shoot - I found cute spots for them on our Ikea shelving...

I hope you'll make these jars and enjoy the fun as much as we did. I might even try doing this on full size vases next!!!

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