Food Hussy Recipe: Make Ahead Breakfast Bowls

I'm trying to pack my breakfasts and lunches - it's so much healthier and affordable. The thing is - I never have any time in the morning - so I am trying out different ways to make breakfast - or its components ahead of time. 

 My first swag was Make Ahead Breakfast Bowls - this was before I started Weight Watchers so I didn't really care so much about the ingredients - just things that I liked and could make ahead.

I started with roasted potatoes - the key with roasting potatoes is to make them a uniform size so they cook evenly. I sprinkled on top some of the Potato Ole seasoning mix I made along with olive oil.

I had a package of pork sausage that I'd gotten for free last fall on a trip to Ryan Raised Farm that I decided to use.

 I sauteed the pork sausage with a yellow pepper left in the fridge - I love sausage & peppers - they're my favorite pizza toppings so of course they'll be good for breakfast!

I roasted the potatoes for 30-40 minutes at 400. It depends on the size of your potatoes - they should be fork tender. You'll also be microwaving them so they could be a little underdone. 

This was the one area I went awry a little - if I was to do this over again - I would use larger pieces of potato - this was a fairly small dice - and cook them a little less. When I heated them up - some of the pieces were too done and there wasn't much "potato" texture left too them - just overdone crunch. So don't be like me - give yourself bigger chunks. :-) The flavor was great though! 

I also scrambled a batch of eggs - I used 7 eggs knowing I was making 5 bowls. Having a little more than 1 egg in each bowl seemed about right. I like my scrambled eggs pretty simple - eggs, a little milk, salt & pepper.

Once everything was together - I had bowls with all of the ingredients I prepped + cheese & salsa.

Then the layering and bowl-building begins! First potatoes! 

Eggs +

 Sausage & Peppers +

 + Cheese + Salsa

= Breakfast Bowls! 

 I had enough left over to try one for dinner on Sunday night. After all the prep - I just couldn't wait until Monday morning!

The potatoes with their Potato Ole seasoning and the salsa really added a lot - love the juiciness of the salsa that it adds to the whole thing. The eggs stayed pretty fluffy as well even after a reheat.

These bowls were a great first try for make ahead breakfast and it was so great not having to think in the morning about what I was going to take for breakfast. I don't know why but I just can't eat before 830am - so eating at home is not an option. The whole week I had a great grab & go breakfast week!

Make Ahead Breakfast Bowls


* Roasted potatoes (400 degrees - 30 minutes - until fork tender)
* Scrambled eggs (eggs + milk - 7 eggs for 5 bowls)
* Sausage & veggies (sauteed & drained)
* Shredded cheese
* Salsa


* Assemble!

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