Food Hussy Recipe: Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches with Velvet Ice Cream

Yesterday I shared all the fun stuff I did at the Velvet Ice Cream facility in Utica, OH! Today I'm sharing a super fun dessert that you guys are going to love! It's so easy and tasty!

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches! Can't you picture these at a kids party? Best thing is - they go together in like 30 seconds and you can (and should) do them ahead of time!

Also - I found this recipe in the 100th Anniversary Family Cookbook from Velvet - at $10 - it's a great buy! You can find a few of these recipes on their site as well.

First - start with Velvet Ice Cream - I found a great selection at Jungle Jim's in Eastgate (it's also at all Remke stores!) They have ALL the flavors too: from Olde Tyme Vanilla to Summertime Peach and from Elephant Ear to Buckeye Classic (the #1 seller).

The ingredients for these mini ice cream sandwiches are so simple! Velvet ice cream, Ritz crackers, Magic Shell Chocolate Syrup and sprinkles.

First - get a mini scoop - it's technically a cookie dough scoop - and scoop yourself some ice cream! 

Second - put it on a cracker! 

 Third - stick another cracker and smush slightly!

Step Four - Dip it in Magic Shell! (Did you know they have multiple flavors now? Reeses, Heath, Pretzel Pieces, etc!) 

 Five - let the excess drain off and set on parchment paper

 Six - throw some sprinkles on it!

And there you have it - after that - put them in the freezer so they can set up and the ice cream can refreeze. They're ready to serve in about 10 minutes. They do get melty pretty quick - so make sure to take them out right before you serve them.

I was a bit unsure about using Ritz crackers - but I have to say - they were really great! They add a great crunch and the salt is great - salty & sweet is always good.

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