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I've heard rave reviews about Alabama Fish Bar for quite some time but never been. There's no parking lot and I wasn't really sure what to expect. But I've finally been. And been again. And been again. 

Lucky for me - my buddy Roger is a frequent customer and showed me the ropes. He works in my building and I often will pick him up lunch if I'm out - he asked if I wanted fish - sure - where?! So off we went!

They have a very simple menu - and they say it - they do one thing and they do it right. They have fried fish and french fries. That's it. boom. done.

You can choose from Cod ($8.99), Perch ($7.99) or Whiting ($7.99) - everything comes with fries, 2 slices of bread and onions & peppers.

It's TINY. Like tiny doesn't even describe it - there is maybe enough room for 10 people to squish in there like sardines.

It's a bit like the Soup Nazi - there's no be polite and have someone call on you. You go - you get to the counter - you order quick and you step aside!

There is also the aroma of peppers and onions that just clears your sinuses and smells oh so good! On the counter they have a variety of sauces (malt vinegar, ketchup, mustard, etc).

They pop your order up and before they bag it - you can sauce it up however you like. Just so you know - the bread is on the bottom (I still don't really understand why I need the bread - but it's there) - then the fries - then the peppers & onions - then the fish. It is so fresh and hot and crunchy - I can't even.  (Whiting pictured above)

On my second visit I got Cod - and I also stole Roger's tartar sauce. Just as delicious as the whiting - it's all so good. What I loved is that in the time it took to drive back to work, park, get upstairs, get settled and start eating - the fish was still super hot and super crunchy!

I like my fries a little soft - the fish holds the heat in so they're still piping hot and there are some super crispy and some soft - but I love that combo. I use the extra tartar to dip my fries - yum!

You get this little packet of onions and peppers - so tangy and spicy - yum! I popped these while I was killing that fish. OMG it was all so good!

This fish is amazing - it's super simple but super delicious. It's definitely a regular lunch spot for me now. I'm so glad Roger showed me the way!

Why Should You Go? Just grab a parking spot wherever you can and get in there and get some fish. It's so good - I already know I'm going back next week and the week after that and the week after that!

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  1. Ride the drops off across the street from there. The place is cash only. The cod wes 9.99 on the weekend.

  2. The bread soaks up grease....keep fish crisp.