Restaurant Review: A Tour of Franklin, TN! (Nashville!)

I recently got to experience Nashville in a day (and a half)! Now I know - a day is not near enough - and I was there for work - so the experience was minimal - but at least I got to dine out on someone else's dime a few times! 

First up was lunch at Bricktop's - we were in Franklin for all of our meetings - so we relied on our partners to tell us where to go. 

I got the PALM BEACH salad ($18) with lump crabmeat, poached shrimp, remoulade, avocado, tomato and chopped egg. So yeah - pretty much all my favorite things. And it was delicious!! It was plenty of food, in a creative presentation and very good - perfect order!

After our first day of meetings, we headed to meet up with an old friend at Drake's. And yes - Red Bull and Beer - that's how I roll! 

Drake's is a cool spot - they have big garage doors that open up. And this is also where I learned that my country honey - Luke Bryan - lives in the area!!! GAAAAAA! Unfortunately I didn't bump into him at Starbucks. Boo!

Last for the work dinners was Tupelo Honey Cafe - it had a lot of hype to live up to since friends told us it was good.

We started out with Fried Green Tomatoes that were served with goat cheese grits, a red pepper coulis and fresh basil. These were fine - very crispy - and I pretty much love anything with goat cheese.

Next we tried fried avocado which was really bragged up. I love avocado so I was really looking forward to it.

It's literally hunks of avocado breaded and fried and then served with salsa and marinara. Honestly we didn't love it. There just wasn't much flavor - I think the breading needed more salt.

They also have these homemade biscuits and jam that they're known for...I was happy to oblige trying them.

They were pretty good and a nice alternative to a normal bread & butter that you get.

I tried the Southern Fried Chicken BLT and again - just ok. It's looks great but the chicken was dry - it was an ample portion but it really didn't taste all that great.

I also tried their pecan pie - which should be great in a southern restaurant but it was fine. It's kind of how everything was - fine which was a bit disappointing. I would have preferred a local place rather than a chain but I wasn't choosing that night.

Then came the best part of the night - my lovely friend Lauren took me to downtown Nashville and gave me a super quick spin because I had early meetings the next day. Main Street downtown was crazy - it was a weekday night and still super busy! There was live music in every doorway!

Then my girl made a dream come true. She took me to the Bluebird. You see I'm completely obsessed with the show Nashville and this is one of the central locations on the show. To stand out front of THE place in my favorite show - was so amazing.

I enjoyed Nashville for sure - it's a really fun town and I really hope to come back soon!!!

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