Food Hussy Review: Maplewood Kitchen & Bar - Downtown

There are so many new restaurants in Cincinnati it can definitely be overwhelming - especially downtown. I feel like I could eat somewhere new every day! 

Some of my friends were talking up Maplewood Kitchen & Bar so we decided to try it for a group lunch. Maplewood comes from the folks at Thunderdome Restaurant Group (The Eagle, Bakersfield, Krueger's Tavern) so it's got quite a reputation to uphold.

It's a bit like a fancy First Watch - they're calling it a "fine casual" concept. It's very light and airy with lots of white furniture and ferns - it feels very upscale - but they focus on breakfast and lunch which is why I think of First Watch.

They have some baked goods at the front while you're waiting in line to order - they all looked very tasty for sure but we weren't up for $3 cookies.

They're also big on their fresh cold pressed juices - it's that kind of place - grass fed beef, organic this and that and cold pressed juice. They do have a wide variety and my friend Audrey was geeked about them - I think they're like $6 or $8 a bottle - so it seems ridiculous to me - but hey - I'm not the target.

Sweet Greens: cucumbers, green apples, pears, lemon, kiwi, lime, spinach, celery

Audrey did get a bottle of the juice and said it was delicious - I would have liked to have tried it - but felt a little weird about asking for a drink of an $8 juice! There should be a class on why it's good where we get to try it. 

With their fine casual dining - you actually order at the counter and then sit down and they bring the food to you. It gives you time to see the baked goods and juices. It seems a little pricey for ordering at the counter but again - I'm not the target.

There's even a choice of waters for free! Still, chilled and sparkling - oh so fancy! But I guess when you pay $8 for a juice - free water is a nice perk.

Chopped: corn, haricot vert, purple cauliflower, local Lucky Penny Farm goat cheese, bacon, avocado, pecans, mission fig, roasted beets and house vinaigrette

Audrey - aka Cold Pressed Hussy - went for the Chopped Salad and really enjoyed it. They have a lot of ingredients in their salads which I really like - I hate to get something I could just as easily make at home. It's also served with a fresh slice of ciabatta bread.

Chicken Club: pulled rotisserie chicken, bacon, avocado, havarti cheese, tomato, lettuce, house aioli, 16 Bricks ciabatta
Maplewood Burger: ground chuck, short rib and tenderloin, Vermont white cheddar, house pickles, iceberg lettuce, grilled tomato, mayonnaise, 16 Bricks sesame bun

I got the burger and am really not sure I made the best choice. It was fine - but in a city of decadent burgers - it's not on the top of any list. I'm also not the biggest fan of grass fed beef. Grain = flavor. That said - I liked all the toppings and that they went all out with quality ingredients. 

Provencal Potato Salad: tri-color potato, grainy mustard, haricot vert, white wine, shaved fennel

For my side I chose the potato salad - I didn't want to just go with fries. When I think of potato salad - I do think of it cold but when I saw this - I almost expected it to be warm. It was a little too raw for me and seemed a little underseasoned.

Why Should You Go? If you like cold pressed juice and organic stuff - then definitely check it out. It just wasn't my kind of place - the food was fine - I just didn't love anything and it was a bit pricey. I do think it is better than Cheapside Cafe - which it sort of reminds me of.

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