Road Trip: Highland County Day Trip - Noodles, Donuts and Burgers!

I've started a travel series where I'm going to check out some day trips and then meet up with chefs and friends along the way and share my favorite things with you! 

First up - Highland County! Highland County is northeast of the 275 loop - which was great for me since I live in Milford. Everything was only about 30 minutes away. 

On my roster to visit today was:

First up - we headed to Greenfield OH and met with Doug at Three Spoons Diner. Doug was sharing his recipe for homemade egg noodles as well as homemade beef & noodles.

Doug won us over in about 3.7 seconds. He's super natural and just a comfortable guy to be around. He's been in the world of restaurants since he was a kid and has owned Three Spoons for a few years now.

After my noodle lesson - (egg yolks, flour, salt) - we sat down to have some breakfast.

Doug's biscuits and gravy was equally amazing - I'm a picky one when it comes to B&G and let me say these biscuits were the best I've had! They were light and fluffy - and didn't weigh you down like a lead pipe.

We loved Three Spoons Diner and will definitely be back to visit Doug and his crew again.

Three Spoons Diner Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Next door to Three Spoons we came across Marples Tattered and Torn Primitives

Marples is a combination of a unique shop and an antique store and I loved it!

I really don't even know some of this stuff is - but it's super pretty and I was taking pictures left and right with my new iPhone!

I mean - so pretty - right?! 

Then they told us about this sign in the front of the store. This is a very rare sign and she's been offered something like $1500 for the sign and won't sell it! I watch enough American Pickers to know something cool when I see it. Here's a much smaller one for $500 on ebay - just for a comparison.

After a little shopping - we headed west to Leesburg, OH and Batter Up Bakery.


Batter Up Bakery does cakes, cupcakes, donuts and everything else in that realm you can think of. It's a family owned business - Casey runs the shop, her mom makes the doughnuts and her dad fries them up. I loved every minute I spent with them and I learned a lot!

Including how to make donut holes with this gadget - I was giddy! But you have to watch the video to see how it all happens. 

And the donuts - I can't even tell you how amazing they are. To get them right after they've been fried and glazed - it was the tastiest morsel I've ever eaten! And let me tell you - I wanted to put my face under the wall of glaze - but I resisted.

There is also Saucy Sisters Pizza next door - which I think will be on my next visit!

Next up was a trek to Hillsboro and we had to take a detour along the way to see the World's Largest Horseshoe Crab!

This crab has been in a few different places and was even in one of the Twilight movies! Most recently it was in the back yard of a church when Ben Sexton rescued it from it's likely demise. He bought the crab and had it moved and re-built in his yard. It actually comes apart into 16 pieces and is definitely a roadside attraction.

Ben and his wife also run Old Days Vintage Campers which is a unique vacation rental on Rocky Fork Lake in Hillsboro. They have a couple of campers on the property by the lake and are renovating additional campers for future rentals. I buddied up with Ben in hopes of staying in this vintage diamond later this spring!

Then we stopped by Rocky Fork Lake - there's one side with a restaurant and campgrounds, etc. but we were on the quiet side. There's still a beach and a beautiful view for sure!

Finally our day ended back in Hillsboro at Cowaburger.

Cowaburger was a blast - they are a small place but they crank out some food and I have to say - the comments on Facebook rave about it! Some of the favorites are the Mushroom & Swiss Burger, the all beef hot dogs and the chili - which they neglected to tell me was so famous! So I guess I have to go back for some chili!

After checking out the kitchen - we grabbed some food - there's the Triple Burger, the loaded bacon & cheese fries with some amazing homemade ranch and a BLT dog - which was really great! They use really really great hot dogs.

CowaBurger Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Our day in Highland County was really fun! I loved hanging out with local business owners and seeing the sights so close to home. And knowing that they're all just 30 minutes away means that we'll definitely be back!

I want to thank Destiny from the Visitor's Bureau for setting this all up and showing me around!

If you have a business you'd like me to visit - let me know! You can email me at foodhussy @

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