Food Hussy Review: Noodles & Co New Spicy Dishes!

I'm a big fan of Noodles & Company - I like that it's made fresh and has lots of vegetables as well as unique combinations that I wouldn't think to put together myself. 

They sent me a gift card to try out two of their new dishes: Thai Green Curry and Pork Adobo! Sounds good - right? 

Both have heat and spice - so if you're not a spicy fan - I would avoid both - but if you like a little spicy - then this is your jam!

The South Asian-inspired Thai Green Curry with Shrimp pairs a sweet and spicy coconut green curry sauce, rice noodles, pineapple, broccoli, red onion, snap peas, lime, black sesame seeds and cilantro with sautéed shrimp. 

I was admittedly jealous once this came out - it looked amazing! Luckily my girl Audrey is a good friend and let me snag a bite and it was as good as it looked! It does have a kick to it as well. Look how healthy and zippy that looks?! Yes - I said zippy! That's what it looks like to me!

We had a decent gift certificate and I'm a sucker for their cheesy garlic bread - it's very good and just enough for sharing. Lots of garlic too! Yum!

The authentic Mexican influence of the Pork (or Chicken) Adobo starts with a cavatappi noodle base and adds smoky adobo sauce, red onions, roasted mushrooms, olives, sour cream, lime and cilantro topped with slow-braised pork (or grilled chicken).

This had even MORE of a kick - and it was a slow burn - I was good at first - then about three bites in I was super thankful for the sour cream and garlic bread! Whoooo! And - as always - the Coke Freestyle machine kept the Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero flowing!

I also snagged a side Caesar salad - again thankful for it to cool off my Pork Adobo. It was fine for a Caesar - nothing too exciting but good.

Be sure to check out Noodles & Company and try these two new dishes or any of their tried & true favorites like their Parmesan Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese or Med Salad! Yum! 

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