The Generous Pour - only at Capital Grille until 9/3!

It's Generous Pour time again and the Capital Grille was gracious enough to provide dinner for me and a couple of friends. 

Capital Grille is a really great steakhouse in Norwood next to Seasons 52. They're known for their steak, seafood and their wine selection.

Every summer they bring out the Generous Pour which is one of my favorite foodie events of the year! You get the chance to experience a selection of California and Oregon wines each rated 90 points or higher.

You get to try 7 wines for just $28 with your meal! The Generous Pour is only available for a couple more weeks - it ends on September 3 - so find out all the details here.

The Generous Pour is served throughout your meal - and we got to try lots of delicious items. I went for crab, crab and lobster - because that's what I love. First up, my friend Andi and I shared our appetizers mainly so we could have 2! She chose the lobster & crab cakes ($19) which was delicious! These are all lobster & crab with no fillers - so if you love crab cakes - these are some of the best.

I love crab so much I chose the Jumbo Lump Crab Cocktail ($19) and it did not disappoint. It's just big hunks of crab - I don't really even bother with the sauce - I just inhale the crab.

And along the way...more wine of course!

For a salad, I went with the Caprese with the 15 year aged balsamic vinegar ($13). This was the only dish to really disappoint. The mozzarella was fantastic but the tomatoes weren't ripe and this is prime season for ripe tomatoes.

For my entree - there's only one choice - I always go for the Porcini Rubbed Bone In Ribeye ($53) with the 15 year aged Balsamic. There's just nothing better than a bone-in ribeye and the porcini rub just adds so much depth of flavor. (The Porcini rub is dried porcini mushrooms that are made into a powder and rubbed on the steak. You can add that to any steak!)

For the side there is only one choice for me - Lobster Mac & Cheese ($18). Their sides are large enough to share but share I did not! I took just a few bites and had the rest for lunch the next day! This is by far my favorite restaurant mac & cheese - it's thick and rich and decadent - creamy cheese sauce, campanelle shaped pasta and huge perfectly cooked chunks of sweet lobster.

The server recommended we add the scallops (2 for $10). They were fine but nothing special - I wouldn't add them again.

After all that - we had leftover boxes galore and made sure to save room for dessert. I went with the Capital Grille Cheesecake ($11) - it's served brulee style and is like no cheesecake I've had. I think they said it's made with ricotta. It was delicious!

Andi got the Warm Double Chocolate Cake ($11) with Port Wine Infused Cherries and Vanilla Ice Cream. Andi insisted on sharing a bite with me and I'm so glad she did. It was delicious! The thing I liked about the cake was that it was rich but not too rich. Sometimes chocolate desserts are too much - too heavy - too dark. This was almost light and fluffy - but then rich as well. And the light dusting of powdered sugar was the perfect topping.

And all along the way - we had amazing glasses of wine thanks to the Generous Pour. It doesn't get much better than that!

Head to Capital Grille before September 3 to take advantage of the Generous Pour for yourself! Just $28/person!

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