Review: Gold Star Chili's Vegetarian Chili

This post is sponsored by Gold Star Chili. All opinions are my own. 

I'm a huge fan of Gold Star Chili. It took me about a year of living in Cincinnati to finally accept Cincinnati chili as my own and I haven't turned back since! Beyond being a chili-loving city - it's also a fairly Catholic city so Lent is a big deal here! 

Last year, Gold Star Chili introduced us to their new Vegetarian Chili - it's also soy and gluten free. Now there's been a Vegetarian version before but it wasn't like "Cincinnati chili" - but that changed with the new version. 

I tried it last year and couldn't believe how true to flavor it was! I can barely tell the difference between the original and the veg. The veg is a little spicier - but the flavors and texture are spot on.

Earlier this week, myself and a few other bloggers invited some of our faithful fans (you guys!) out to gold Star to try the Vegetarian chili with us. Lucky for me - I even got to hang out with one of my good friends - she's @wildohiomama on Instagram! We've known each other for more than 10 years - and even took the pics at my wedding! She came with her mom-in-law to try the goods.

And hey - to all the vegetarians out there - if you've always wondered about this whole Cincinnati chili thing - you can FINALLY dip your fork in and try it. Head to Gold Star Chili - the vegetarian chili is on the menu full time and you can get it with anything on the menu - just ask them to Veg it!

Also - most locations now have these amazing Garlic Parmesan Fries! I discovered them originally at the location near Xavier but now they have them in my Milford store! Woohoo! They're so good!

No matter how you Cincinnati Chili - I hope you'll Gold Star it up with me!

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