Restaurant Review: Fuego - Milford

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Hussy, she had two adorable and rotten dogs and a dutiful husband that drove her everywhere! On one of their drives, the beautiful Hussy came across a Mexican restaurant. The Hussy wasn't hungry at the time but she made a note to check them out online...

Imagine her surprise when Hussy used the Google and found their website and saw that they DELIVER! The Hussy exclaimed, "I CAN HAVE MEXICAN DELIVERED TO MY HOME!!!" and she and her DH lived happily ever after.

Or something like that...

But it's not a fairy tale - it's 100% truth! And it's called Fuego. YIPPEE! As you can see - I ordered a bunch of stuff - because I couldn't decide what I wanted!

Let's start with the Elote (Mexican Corn - $2.50). So first of all - everything is cheap. This was probably my least favorite though - the corn was cooked well but I think the combo of butter, mayo & cheese loses its luster a bit when there's delivery drive. I'd love to see a little more distinct flavors here.

Their chips & queso ($3.50) is great - the chips have the lime & salt on them and are very crispy. The bag is just the right size to share with a friend. The queso is the thick white cheese version we're used to getting at Mexican restaurants in the 'Nati.

Larry got a Chicken Burrito Bowl ($6.35) and topped just like he does at Chipotle. We don't go to Chipotle much after their stance on Pork - basically stating they couldn't find pork in the US that met their standards. Um - okay. You know I have a serious love of pork and our Hog farmers - so that is not cool to me.

And with all that love of pork - I got the Carnitas bowl - you can choose from steak, chicken, carnitas, ground beef, barbacoa, fish, shrimp, vegetarian, tofu and chorizo for any of their entrees. Whew! That's a lot of options! Here are some more of their Bowl options:

  • Extra: queso, guac, avocado, pineapple, mole, mushrooms or fries
  • Entree Base (rice): white, brown, Mexican, none, lettuce
  • Beans: Black, pinto or refried
  • Salsas: Pico de gallo, Avosalsa, Piquin, Picante, Habanero, Chile Verde, Verde, Roasted Corn, Mild, Roasted Verde and Chipotle Salsa)
  • More Extras: Fajitas, Jalapenos, Lettuce, Cilantro, Sour cream, Onions, Cheese
It was a really good bowl - full of flavor and yet everything was distinct. We've ordered a minium of 3 times since this first one...We can't stop - it's so good! 

Here's a second meal we had and where one of my few complaints is. I got tacos (3 - $6.35) and a small quesadilla ($1.15).  The quesadilla wasn't that great - you can add any of the meats from the bowls - but it was just small and plain. The tacos are really big! I have ordered two instead of three since then (2 - $4.20).

I also ALWAYS get a churro! Churros are long skinny donuts that are fried and dipped in cinnamon & sugar and then filled with pudding. OMG they are so good! I love them. They originated to me at Taco Johns as a complement to my Potato Oles. :-)

Here's the overall - so good. I'm hungry again dammit. Princess Hussy - out!

Why Should You Go? It's delicious and THEY DELIVER!! WHAT THE HELL? They're quick too!

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