What to get at Wahlburgers?

Being back down in Cincinnati has it's benefits - like getting to eat out far too much! My coworker Keith is a burger guy and is always wanting to try another burger (wait until Burger Week!) - he's gotten us to Wahlburgers downtown a few times in our months together. 

Wahlburgers is yes - the same one from the show and the actors - Donnie & Mark. Inside - take a look up to the ceiling and you'll see some art on that is basically their IMDB resume with all their movies, etc.

I love the fun menu - all the sandwiches come with "government cheese" - which I grew up on! That brown box that came every month - and we'd take to get sliced up. Aw living poor - not all bad - it's good cheese!

Here's the Super Melt ($11.45) that you see listed above - it's a big patty melt - let's just ignore the calories we saw on that menu. ;-)

Since we've been a couple of times - and I have to always try something different - I also got Mom's Sloppy Joe which was on that same thick cut bread. It was A LOT! It was also heartburn inducing and frankly - not that great. I mean - it was like Manwich but $10 and on bread.
Between all of us - we've tried all the sides. The onion rings are unique in that they're made with red onions but they're not very crispy - I'm wondering if ours were underdone - cuz they were very limp and not very battered. They're served with their special Wahl sauce which is a mix of ketchup, mayo, sriracha, sauteed onions and a little parsley.

I liked the Super Melt - it's a huge patty melt. I didn't love it -I think maybe next time I would just get the regular melt and I need to have ranch with this - it's sort of just the way I eat it. I can't be the only one - right?

Their fry options are good with regular fries, regular tots and sweet potato tots - I love regular tots - but the sweet ones are good too.

I like that their menu isn't just burgers - you can also find things on there like Alma's Macaroni Salad, Smoked Bacon Mac & Cheese, Burger WahlBowl (Salad with a burger cut up in it), Creamsicle Float, a Thanksgiving Turkey Burger (even has stuffing) and a couple of vegetarian options.

What should you get at Wahlburgers? Keith is pretty traditional with his cheeseburgers but I've tried a couple other things - I feel like I should try a "regular" burger. But the Super Melt is good if you like a patty melt and are hungry AF and then always with the tots!!!

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