Graeters vs. UDF - Ah hell...we all win!

I always love when I find someone new to Cincinnati ice cream. Most people all say Graeter's is the best - but I have a soft spot (in mah belly) for UDF as well.

First up, Graeter's...

Recently the boyfriend's daughter was with us and she's grown up in Felicity and told us she's never ever had Graeter's!?! If you're not familiar with Felicity - well it's east...far far far FAR east (and south now that I look at Google) and apparently - they don't have Graeter's there!

I went for cookie dough chip and she went for chocolate chocolate chip. Amazing as usual...I practically licked my bowl.

There's really no commenting you can do - Graeter's is creamy and delicious. If you've never had it - the standout really is the "chips". They're huge - they're like half a chocolate bar.

My favorite Graeter's story is when I sent the Black Raspberry Chip & Montgomery Inn package from to my Iowa friends for Christmas. I got a phone call from Amy and her 4 year old (my adorable boy) was covered in purple ice cream and had a message for me, "Thith ith the betht ithe cream EVER!!!!!" How can you not love that?

Should also mention - Graeter's has chocolates, candies and a lot more than just ice cream.

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Then - on every other corner - there's a UDF. When I moved here I had no idea what the hell a UDF was - now I can't live without them.

I really love the ice cream - there are two brands - UDF and Homemade. There are $$ specials and flavor specials every month - this month - PEANUT BUTTER! There are:
  • Homemade Brand Peanut Butter 'N Chip
  • UDF Brand Mini PB Cups & Fudge
  • UDF Brand Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
I've been addicted to the last one - it's peanut butter ice cream with chunks of cookie dough. Oye- so amazing! I actually bought a hand-packed pint last night because I just couldn't resist!

UDF also has the Graeter's-traditional flavor of Black Raspberry Chip - their chips are much more like "chips" you're used to getting in store-bought ice cream. It's all good either way but not nearly the "wow" factor of Graeter's.

UDF - as many know - also has gas, milk and all the other convenience store type of accouterments (love using that word - reminds me of Michael from the Office).

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  1. Their Peanut Butter & Chip is my favorite!!! I can only have the pint size in the house though. It's dangerous stuff. As for Graeter's, I have to go with Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Yes, the chips aren't really chips, more like hunks o' chocolate.

  2. We sure are are can't go wrong with either of these delicious ice creamy choices...

  3. Growing up, I had my fair share of UDF ice cream. I still drop in for a pint of cookies and cream from time to time. But their ice cream, is the Toyota to Graeter's Lexus. Nothing says home like Graeter's when I first moved to Columbus nearly twenty years ago, it was very hard to come by. There are many locations now and is widely availble in the grocery stores, so my next fix is never hard to find. I'm also a Double Chocolate chip fan.

    Though, I'm sad to say that I have a new love. The Dark Chocolate, Smoked Chocolate and Salty Caramel flavorsat Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams are my passion now. Next time you are in C-bus, you should check them out.

  4. I have heard a lot about Jeni's and was lucky enough to try some. I'd like to try more...

    I've also been told to try Aglamesis - looks like I need some ice cream!