Recipe Day: Crab & Pasta Salad

Sometimes - you just get hungry for certain foods - well lately I've been wanting crab & pasta salad. Finally - I got the crab and made the time to make it.

There are variations of this recipe on a lot of sites but I had to adjust according to what I had in the fridge.

Crab & Pasta Salad

2 cups of uncooked pasta - bowtie or shells
1 small onion, diced
1 package imitation crab meat, chopped
3 tablespoons Mrs Renfros Chow Chow
1 tablespoon Salad Supreme Seasoning
3/4 cup mayonnaise

* Cook pasta according to package. Drain & rinse with cold water.
* In big bowl, combine pasta, diced onion, diced crab meat, chow chow and salad seasoning. Mix well.
* Add mayo and stir.

* Pasta salad always tastes better after it's been in the fridge for a few hours. 

You can also customize this to what you have in your fridge. Great things to add would be celery, pickles, lemon juice, diced cheese, etc...

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