The Best Mozz Sticks On The Planet

I know that's a big claim to make - but I've eaten a lot of them in my day and these will live in infamy. Yes - you are about to find out where the best mozzarella sticks on the planet are located. Be patient my'll know in a couple of paragraphs. :-)

First - I must say that I headed back home for my 20 year high school reunion last week and it was a fantastic time! I also ate out a lot - usually I hit up Carlos O'Kellys and Maid Rite but this trip - I decided to branch out and hit up some of my other favorites from my days of tearing it up in the big CR! 

Also - I think I'll be the #1 food blogger in Cedar Rapids/Iowa City when these couple of weeks have passed - there isn't much competition and I think I have 8 restaurants that I went to! 

Now - back to those cheese sticks. Where are they? 

Yes - the Tic Toc - it's a small, locally owned "bar & grill" near Mt. Mercy College. My bff Amy went there to school and introduced me to these amazing sticks many moons ago. When we got to town - we decided that was the first place to visit!

And the little nugget in the photo is her son - Tanner. He is a HAM - as you'll see by the photos at the end. He was posing for me - the above is his "Yeah - I'm a cool tough guy" pose. 

Here we are - Larry chatting with Amy's hub and Tanner - very intensely focused on his DS while we wait for the cheesy delight!

It's a cool little place - kinda dark - lots of wood - lots of regulars - love it.

Here they are...they may not look like much - but holy wow...they are AWESOME! Here's why:

1. They're huge - it's like a 1/4 pound of mozzarella cheese in each stick - and even this cheesaholic only ate one!
2. Um - they came with ranch - duh.
3. They are BATTERED instead of breaded.
4. It's a light fry on them.
5. They are not greasy at all!

So there you have it - the best mozz sticks in the USA!

Again - the ham - here he's doing his rapper imitation. 

The food at the Toc is pretty good too - Nick got chicken & ribs ($10.95) with a side of hash browns and beans...

I got the Patty Melt ($5.25) - it was delish - love the marble rye. I just love Iowa bar food - no idea why - it's very comforting.

Amy got the french dip ($6.25) and enjoyed it...

We were all too busy catching up to really discuss the food - other than obsessing over the sticks. 

And now - more "Faces of Tanner"

"Zombies Got Me" Tanner

"I've got muscles like Larry" Tanner

"Superhero Posing" Tanner

I love that kid - even more than the mozzarella sticks. 

Why Should You Go? I would almost say make a special trip to Iowa for these sticks. And there is enough other great food along the way - it's a great trip. And go see a Hawkeye game!!!! 

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  1. Have you ever had Arthur's fried mozzarella? The pictures of these kind of reminds me of them! They're my favorite...darn it, now I'm hungry!

  2. I was coming to mention Arthur's as well. Delicious.