An Institution in Iowa City

On my trek through Southeast Iowa - I had decided to hit up some of my old favorites. One day we got to head down for a day in Iowa City - where my alma mater is! GO HAWKS! After stocking up on some Hawkeye apparel for me and Larry - we grabbed a high school friend (who I hadn't seen in 13 years!!) and went to the Hamburg Inn for lunch!

The Hamburg appears to be just a regular-old greasy spoon - but it's got so much history. Just take a peek at this Urbanspoon photo - um yeah! Presidents dine there!!!! Ronald Reagan was the first - there's a plaque over he booth he sat at. It's also THE place to go for a hangover breakfast. And, while we weren't hung over and it was lunch time, I went for breakfast!!!

I went for the "Hawkeye Hog" omelette ($8.29) - it had hashbrowns, sausage and american cheese inside and was smothered in sausage gravy. Oh how delicious it was! I used to live a few blocks from the Hamburg so I went all the time! I really missed it!

Larry got the Rueben ($8.99) and sweet potato fries. He said the meat was a dry so he wasn't too much of a fan. But he did like the feel of the place - it's very laid back.

Sarah went for my second choice - the patty melt ($8.29) and loved it. She raved about the marble rye and the ranch (it's homemade).

Why Should You Go? If you're EVER in Iowa City - it's one of 2 places I recommend (Pagliai's Pizza is the other). Go here for breakfast and then to Pagliai's for dinner. It's laid back and local and has really great food - breakfast is the star of the show there - but you can get it all day!!! For me, going to Hamburg takes me back to college - and that's always a good memory! GO HAWKS!

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  1. Doubt I will ever be in Iowa but looks tasty! I was wondering if you ever announced the winner of your BWs giveaway?