WTF is Shrimp Toast?

So hubby and I were trolling Colerain and he wanted Chinese food - alas we found China Chef! 

It's kinda dirty and sketchy - but hell sometimes those places have the best food. So we went on in. 

Not much recollection of what we ordered - but it wasn't very good. Larry got sweet & sour chicken - that's what he always gets. I got some sort of spicy shrimp dish with peanuts and vegetables. It had too many vegetables that weren't broccoli and mushrooms so I didn't like it much. I'm so hit or miss with Chinese food...either I love it or hate it. 

We also ordered an appetizer - and I let Larry pick - well he picked wrong. He ordered Shrimp Toast. We've both seen this on menus before and didn't really know what it was. He asked if it had eggs - the girl said no - but once we saw it - we knew it did. 

But I have to say - I was only able to eat one of the little triangles. This is the one of the ODDEST foods I have EVER eaten! 

The first bite is crunchy and has this weird texture and does taste like shrimp. And you're thinking - hmmm - interesting. Then it just goes downhill from there. It's got an odd smell and it's sort of like french toast that hasn't been cooked long enough and instead of egg & milk mixture - it's like egg & fish juice mixture. It's just odd and fairly gross. The texture is the funkiest thing - soggy bread that smells like fish and is deep fried. 

Don't eat it. Ever. 

Why Should You Go? Don't. The rest of the food wasn't awful - but it wasn't good either.  

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  1. You just had it at the wrong place! Shrimp toast is actually VERY GOOD! Dont discontinue it yet....Try again at a better restaurant...You wont be let down.......

  2. Seems like I don't run into shrimp toast often, but I remember liking it from when I used to eat at better Chinese places rather than the really bad ones where I go now!

  3. For awesome Chinese try Amerasia

  4. Hilarious! I really used to love shrimp toast as a kid. I haven't had it in years. I'm assuming the toast up near Dayton is better. ;)

  5. U are an idiot! The place has some of the best Chinese food in the city. The place hasn't been for 20 plus because it sucks! Quit being soooo dramatic so you get people to look at your blog.