Product Review: Frontera Fajita Sauce

Sometimes when I'm grocery shopping I like to pick up a convenience food as a backup for when life gets in the way of menu planning and cooking! I'm always excited when I can find something that's a convenience food but also a little special. 

Such was the case with Frontera's Classic Fajita Skillet Sauce with chipotle + lime (less than $3). I'm a fan of Rick Bayless from seeing him many times on Top Chef. 

This is extremely easy to use - you cook up some meat and veggies - then add the sauce and you're done!  

I was a bit surprised that it was a dark brown sauce when I opened the package and poured it into the skillet. I was out of green pepper and so was Aldi - so we went for chicken, onion and mushroom fajitas.

The sauce had a mild kick to it and definitely a schwing of lime - it also made the mystery behind "what do I add to chicken to make it fajitas" go by the wayside! My friend Danielle enjoyed our Fajita night as well - she commented about how delicious they were. Larry tried the leftovers for breakfast the next day and he devoured them!

I would definitely recommend this product to others and would purchase this again. There are 11 varieties of the product. Or if you'd rather taste Rick's food fresh - then head to Chicago and check out one of his three restaurants!

I was NOT compensated for this review in any way - I just tried it and thought you might like to know about it! :-)

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