Tacos Tacos Tacos! (and guac and queso)

The folks I work with are pretty fun and every so often - we all get to have fun together outside of work. A couple of weeks ago - we got together to celebrate our end of fiscal at Bakersfield OTR. And I'll tell ya - that's when I know I'm not a hipster - when I check out Urbanspoon and a restaurant has 18 blog posts written about it. I may be late to the boat - but hey - at least I got a ticket. 

While waiting for the picnic tables up front to open up for the raucous crew that we had - we stood at this odd cement standing table near the bar and noshed on chips and guac ($6). This was delicious! The guacamole was similar to Nada in it's chunkiness and flavor - the chips were great because they were all like the best ones you get from Chipotle - you know - the ones with the lime juice AND the salt! 

Then they brought out this unbelievable queso ($5)! Seriously - I would go back for this in a heartbeat. Of course - I am a cheese addict - but everybody was raving about the queso! It's in a cast iron skillet and bubbly hot and just cheesy broiled deliciousness. I could seriously stop with the queso & guac - but hey - why not drink and eat more?!

Kristyn - well she'd had a rough week...and decided to take matters into her own hands. 

Me on the other hand - well - I'm a complete lightweight when it comes to drinking. So I asked for a half-weight margarita with salt. She looked at me a little funny when I asked for HALF the tequila but kindly obliged. I even got to drink TWO of them! Oh yeah - living on the edge...

These were really good - the "light" version they made me was perfect - lots of tangy lime flavor and lots and lots of salt! I'm not much of a drinker at all - but this I would order again and again.

They have a small menu with a couple of salads, a couple of tortas (my favorite type of sandwich ever!) and 8 kinds of tacos ($3-4).  I had a fish and a pastor (pastor shown with the pineapple). The tacos are small - as another review mentioned - I could probably eat 20 of them - but not after the chips, guac and queso - that's where they get ya! I did like the tacos a lot - the corn tortillas were crispy and I like having little bites - so I could try multiple flavors of tacos. I liked the pastor better than the fish...but both were good.

Why Should You Go? It's a definite must-visit in OTR. They're only open for lunch Fri-Sun as an fyi. Everything we had was great and the staff was very attentive and friendly. They also have lots of recommendations when it comes to drinks. Obviously for me - it wasn't of much use to me - but others found the staff really helpful! So visit Bakersfield OTR and enjoy - along with everybody else that managed to get there before me! :-)

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