Restaurant Review: Bill's Donuts - Centerville, OH

We hired a new girl at work and she's from near Dayton. I knew I liked her - but now I think I love her. Why? 

Bill's Donut Shop is a 24 hour donut place in Centerville and Anne brought the amazingness to work. Let me just say - the fact that it's open 24 hours just might come in handy - so I can go whenever I want!

I'm a longtime devout fan of Silverton Donut Shop - but I think this is better!!!

They have Red Velvet - and the one in the bottom left is the kind with the frosting inside! Everybody was raving over these - and with good reason. They were awesome. Surprisingly my favorite was...

...this glazed pretzel twist!

I'm not usually a fan of glazed donuts - I mean - they're fine but nothing to write home about. But this!?! This was amazing! It was sweet and tender and fell apart with barely a tug. It was just plain damned glazed amazement.

Why Should You Go? Well I hired Anne - so I don't have to. But you - you should go. And doesn't matter when you're reading this - you can go! So go!! Bill's was also named one of the 50 Finest Donut Shops in America - so seriously - don't argue with that!

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