Recipe: Italian Sandwich (better than the sub shop)

I have done it - I'm now a sandwich lover! I don't know what it is - the thought of making myself a sandwich for a meal just seemed silly. Sandwiches are made at Firehouse Subs (and oh are they!) - not my house! But then I made one for a Boar's Head contest and realized I can make a badass Firehouse Subs-worthy sandwich in my own kitchen! 

So about every other week when I go to Kroger - I get a loaf of their french bread that is pre-baked. You just bring it home - slice in half and then bake for 5 minutes . I line the pan with foil so I don't have to worry about cleanup.

In my mind - every good sandwich has bacon - so I started with that. My husband always orders the Italian sub wherever we go - so I decided to make that at home - but the bacon was first. I like my bacon a little underdone - especially on a sandwich - I'll be popping this back in the oven and don't like my bacon too crispy.

Next - I pile on the toppings - salami, ham, pepperoni, thinly sliced tomato, bacon, more ham, provolone and then a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Then back in the oven for 5-7 more minutes.

What comes out is a crispy, melty, delicious Italian sub. I like to add a little extra on top - mayo, avocado and Firehouse Subs Captain Sorenson's sauce. I really like that sauce because it's like a slightly spicy bbq sauce - it's got a kick and a little sweet. It's magical.

This sandwich was DELICIOUS!! I devoured this - the bread was crispy on the outside, soft on the inside - the salami & pepperoni had a nice bite - the tomato and avocado added juicy & creamy - I could go on and on - but this sandwich was the bomb-diggity. I can honestly say - it tasted as good as it looked!

Italian Sandwich


* Kroger French Take & Bake Bread
* 1/4 lb salami
* 1/4 lb pepperoni
* 1/4 lb ham
* 1/4 lb provolone
* 2-4 slices bacon
* tomato, thinly sliced
* avocado, thinly sliced
* Captain Sorenson's Datil Pepper sauce
* Mayo
* Olive Oil
* Balsamic Vinegar


* Slice and pre-bake bread according to package directions
* Fry bacon and then drain on paper towels
* Pile on the toppings - I start with meat on the bottom - then tomato, bacon, cheese so the cheese melts on top of it all. Put top on bread lightly.
* Bake for 7 minutes
* Remove from oven. Add avocado, sauce, mayo.
* Smush down a little - cut in half and ENJOY!

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