Restaurant Reviews: Dining in Branson, MO

Recently I headed out to Branson, MO with my husband for a blogger trip. The trip was fun and very unique - but while there - I had to eat - right?! Here are the highlights of Dining in Branson!

When you're in the Vegas-like area of Branson - it's hard to even fathom there's anything else to the town - but there is. Just up the road - there's a mall with a bunch of stores, restaurants and activities. And one of the dining items in this mall area is Dino's 24Karrot Cake Co.

It's very close to the center of the open-air mall. Dino is a showman in Branson and had made his carrot cake for friends & celebrities and then his wife convinced him to open a retail location. Thank you Mrs. Dino!!!

This was by far the best carrot cake I have EVER had in my life. They sell it in different sizes as well (mason jar, loaf, piece, full cake). If you're in Branson - this is your first stop!

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Our first stop in the city was Mel's Hard Luck Diner. It's home of the singing waiters - which is their main selling point. The servers take mini-breaks from serving to sing you songs from a variety of eras. The singing is about as good as the food - but it's kitschy and fun.

The food was okay - I got the Sea of Love ($14.99) with shrimp, Texas toast, fries and slaw. The shrimp and fries were fine - the toast was a bit dry and the slaw was a vinegar style and didn't have much flavor.

Larry got the Hawaiian Burger ($9.99) with sweet potato tots that came with a marshmallow cinnamon sauce. The burger was good (better than my selection) and the tots were awesome. The marshmallow sauce was really unique and tasty.

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Thanks to the folks at Montana Mike's in Branson for providing a gift certificate for us to try their food. We were really hungry for dinner and Larry wanted beer & beef! He went for steak & a sweet potato while I got the trout. Both were fine - nothing amazing but solid steakhouse meals. I think the trout was seasoned well and very light. We also had the pretzel appetizer and it was fine - served with queso & honey mustard - both were good. All in all, Montana Mike's was a good option - comparable to most chain steakhouses. 

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Another dining stop was the Showboat Branson Belle - it's a riverboat dinner cruise. The typical dinner menu consists of a salad, corn biscuit (yum!), honey dijon chicken, simmered beef roast, garlic mashed potatoes, sugar snap peas and a lemon torte. My favorite part of the meal was by far the roast - it was delicious! Such a rich flavor and it fell apart even looking at it. Yum! All in all for a large scale meal served to a few hundred people at once - it's pretty good.

Last up for the weekend was Waxy O'Sheas - the Irish Pub in the mall area I mentioned earlier. Most of the Vegas-like area of Branson is fairly "dry" - so if you want to grab a beer - head on down to Waxy O'Sheas. Larry came across this really cool Gulden Draak 9000 - it's expensive but it was some strong, good beer. I tried the nachos and they were pretty good! The guys next to us had just gotten their food when my nachos came and said "Well - we know what we're ordering next time!" 

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Most of the food I had was fine - but the clear stand out was Dino's 24Karrot Cake Company - do not miss it!

Disclosure: Some meals were provided by Visit Branson but all opinions are my own. 

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