Restaurant Review: Buffalo Wings & Rings, College Hill

A few years ago I had some buffalo chicken nachos at Buffalo Wings & Rings in Indiana and I've never forgotten about them. Finally - Larry and I headed to the Wings & Rings in our back yard on Winton Rd!! It's really a nice location - they even had some live music the night we were there. Look at all those craft beers too - nice! 

Speaking of beer - if you're a Bengals fan - it might be a requirement to drink some beer out of this!

There they are - my beloved buffalo chicken nachos - man they're delicious. You can get whatever of their sauces you want on the chicken - I went for the mild and it still kicked my hiney. It's massive and delicious. The best part - there is queso AND melted cheese on these!!! Nice!

Larry got his usual - boneless mild buffalo - he's so predictable. But if he's happy - that's all I care about.

Why Should You Go? I think - mainly because of these nachos - I like Buffalo Wings & Rings better than Buffalo Wild Wings. These I crave - there's nothing at BW3s that I crave. Dammit - now I'm hungry again.

Which do you crave???

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