Road Trip: Richmond, IN (artisan chocolates, Italian deli, antiques, candles & cheese!)

It's been a while since Larry and I had a blog-worthy road trip! On New Years Eve we decided to hit up Richmond, Indiana. We've been to Madison, Friendship and Brookville (and of course - Indy) - so let's add another to our list!

Richmond is in Wayne County and is about an hour and 15 minutes from the Northwest side of Cincinnati. We were in the downtown area and saw this silo with a car on top and I had to take a pic of course. :-)

I had researched things to do on their website and made up a little itinerary for our day. Today we were really fortunate that everything went swimmingly!

First up was the Ghyslain Chocolate Store. They make the most beautiful artisan chocolates and also have a bistro. Besides their Richmond location, they can be found in Union City, IN and Louisville, KY. 

The Ghyslain store is in this great Depot District - they're turning old factories and a train depot into a business district and it's really cool. I was really happy that it was our first stop. 

Check these out! Aren't they gorgeous? Larry said - they're so pretty I don't want to eat them! I said - for these prices - we're eating them! The colors are so vivid and the art so intricate - love it!

The prices? Well they're not cheap! $2 a piece - and I'm just seeing that a 4 ct box is actually $2.50 a piece - not sure how that works - maybe it's 4 pieces of the same kind in a fancy box?

While we were mulling over chocolate flavors - Larry spotted the cakes - oh seriously?!? On our next trip (yes - we're definitely going back!) - I'll be bringing one of these home! I'm not sure why I didn't this time - but you have to save something for the next time!

So here's what we chose for our chocolates:

White Chocolate ganache infused with coconut purée, Malibu rum extract, and toasted almond.

Dark Chocolate gianduja with almond praline. (The Colts fan couldn't resist a Horse Shoe!)

White and dark chocolate ganache infused with Key Largo lime juice and mixed berry purée.

White Chocolate ganache infused with Tahitian vanilla bean. 

I'm savoring these - so I tried the Bronze Diamond today - here's a peek inside - it was decadent! Definitely not a Reese Cup kind of chocolate that you pop and go - this - you savor!

We decided to head out before I went for the cake - so off we went to our next destination!

Something on the list for next time will be the breweries & tap rooms! There are a few of them in the area but they don't open until 3pm or so and we were there in the AM.

 A block away (but still in the Depot District) was the Italian Market & General Store.

The Depot District Market is a big open market with a Maria Mitrione's Italian Market and a General Store inside. For the General Store side, there are lots of fun finds - including lots of local crafts (I didn't even notice the birdhouse had a book for a roof until I made that collage!). The Italian market has loose spices, lots of Italian food ingredients (tomatoes, olive oils, etc), a deli and ice cream shop. 

The very cordial manager told us about all the areas and offered us a free taste of their homemade soups. One was so delicious I got a container to take home with me - cheese tortellini, sausage, spinach, tomatoes - yum! And it truly is HOME MADE!

They serve sandwiches, salads and pizza on top of the deli featuring Boar's Head meats (the only place in town that sells them!). We also took home a small container of their olive salad with olives, garlic and feta - that didn't even make it home. Larry killed it in the car! Again - this is someplace we'll DEFINITELY be visiting again!

Next up - we headed out of town to the Liberty Bell Flea Market. It's much like the antique mall in Fairfield. It's open with probably a hundred booths and you can pick up from any booth and pay up front. It's not all antiques - but definitely 50%. We didn't buy anything but we saw a lot of interesting things and would definitely go back.

Richmond is great and there's a lot more to do (Meltdown Ice Festival at the end of the month!) - but we headed out to check out a couple nearby towns with a couple special places we wanted to visit.

First up was the Warm Glow Candle Co. Outlet in Centerville - it was just about 10 minutes away and right off I-70. You definitely cannot miss it - there's a HUGE candle out front!

Inside there are more candles than you can imagine in every scent you can think of! They also have a lot of home decor items as well - we didn't spend much time because we wanted to be sure to hit our last spot before it closed - but what we saw - we loved and we'll definitely be back!

I settled on a big candle (dipped right there in Indiana) in the Fall Festival scent. It's lit right now and I love it! It's not too overpowering but it adds a nice scent to the house. Larry already said he wants to go back - yeah - a dude wants to go to the candle store! (he loves them)

Our last stop - the Amish Cheese Shop in Cambridge City, IN (another 10 minutes - again - right off I-70)! I wasn't sure what to expect - but there's an Amish population in the area and I'm so obsessed with them - we had to go. There's a larger Amish store in Fountain City with the baked goods, furniture and bulk foods - we'll be heading back for that very soon!

But - Amish Cheese Shop - we're here!

We grabbed an array of items - homemade bread pudding in a jar, fresh butter, vanilla peaches and beef jerky. We killed the beef jerky that night and Larry killed the peaches for the most part later. I'm about to take on the bread pudding right now - all that's left is the butter! I'll try not to kill that all at once. :-) I'm interested to see if it tastes any different than the Land O'Lakes butter I normally buy.

So there you have it - our day trip to Richmond! And I promise - we didn't even scratch the surface! I hope you'll take some time on an upcoming day off and visit Richmond, Indiana! There's a LOT to see and do (and taste!).

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