DIY: Ombre Glitter Vases (for under $2!)

I love DIY day with my girlfriends - every couple of months we gather up and see what kind of crafts we can make. I brought a variety of things to choose from but when the girls saw this - they were all in agreement. 

So off we went to make DIY Ombre Glitter Vases! 

For the paint - you start with white and whatever other color you like. I made the variations of color all on the plate but then we realized you could just start with a blob of white and then add in a couple drops of color each time. Either way works - just so you go from white to color in a slow manner.

Here's the best part - the paint is 50 cents at Walmart, the foam brushes are $2 for a big bag and the vase was $1 at Dollar Tree. I have to say - I went to every dollar store and Dollar Tree has the best selection and quality for craft type of generic items. So if you're going on a hunt for something - go there first.

All in all - this costs less than $2. Nice!!!

The foam brushes that are about an inch wide are perfect - you just make a couple of swipes the width of the brush around the top of the vase. You don't need to let it dry all the way - but wait maybe a minute between colors.

Then you take the next color and go down about half way on the first swipe - and paint a swipe all the way around. You just keep going like that - overlapping a bit each time. You see a lot of brush marks in mine - but once it's all done - they aren't near as obvious.

And then you go all the way to the bottom where you have a solid color. This was super simple - it maybe took an hour and that was with all of our gabbing and eating cobbler. These vases were a great size because as you got lower on the vase - you could just stick your hand inside to hold it so you weren't touching the paint. By the time you get to the bottom - the top should be dry - so you can set it upside down if you want to let it finish drying.

These are the finished vases - you can really make them your own - with more distinct color changes or more muted. Danielle - always the rebel - decided to start with the color at the top. And when I say  "decided" - I really mean - accidentally. But hers looks great too!

And here she is...creepin on my shot. It's always something with her! Luckily she makes a mean cobbler - so I think we'll keep her. ;-)

After the vases dried - I took my Glitter Mod Podge and put a top coat on the paint. I figure this will keep the vases from chipping a little and gives them a little shimmer - so cute!

They turned out great and I was so happy with how they turned out. They're perfect for the bunches of mini-roses that Kroger carries and the colors matched perfectly! I took one vase to a neighbor that brought cookies for Christmas and another to my coworker that is always so friendly. I think I need to make another batch so I can have one for myself! 

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