Restaurant Review: Wild Mike's - Delhi

My amazing fantastical coworker Susie took us on a West Side Adventure for lunch to Wild Mike's in Delhi. I was super excited because I've heard about their wings for years! 

I'm not a west sider so I don't know Cheviot from Delhi (the horror) - but I looked at the photos online and this one seemed like the right one. 

I think this was also the lunch where we discovered I pronounce Sedamsville incorrectly. I said "SEE-Dums-Ville" whereas the correct pronunciation is (supposedly) "Suh-DAMNS-ville" - again I say - THE HORROR. They laughed at me. LAUGHED. 

After the horror of being mocked and laughed at - I quickly recovered when I saw a sign for CHEESE CURDS. All is well in the world again.

Here's a quick shot of their wing menu - or you can find it online. Their wing menu is quite extensive and it's local - so I was excited!

Inside - it's got loads of tables and booths. Susie said her kids LOVE the place and they go all the time. That was sales pitch enough for me!

Susie said we had to try the Pub Pickles ($4.69) - you never have to ask me to try fried pickles twice. I love them! These were great because they were spears instead of chips - yum! Tart and breaded - just what a fried pickle should be. I'd love a homemade ranch - but this was fine.

My Cheese Curds were equally delicious and filled with white - not yellow - cheese.  They must be new because they aren't listed on their menu. I prefer the yellow cheese and ranch - not marinara - but all in all - good curds. I mean really - it's not like fried cheese can be bad - right?!

Susie got the boneless buffalo wings ($7.79 for a small order) and they were delish! She let me try one - so good. I was definitely a fan. I think these were medium and there was a kick but not too much to set my mouth on fire.

Now these aren't as good as Toots (this link doesn't talk about the wings but trust me - super amazing!) - but I'm a bit obsessed with theirs and really haven't found anything I love as much as theirs.
I wasn't in the mood for spicy so I went for Parmesan Garlic and they were great too! I always always go for the bone-in - otherwise it just feels like chicken nuggets to me. I really liked these and they were nice and meaty - yum & yum! Not too garlicky - with a nice cheesy sauce in the bottom to dip and rub around in.

Why Should You Go? Hey - it's the place for wings! Her kids don't even know that other place with all the Ws!

Wild Mike's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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